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Our Team

Nordisk Film & TV Fond's team consist of six employees and a writer/editor for the Fund's division; www.nordicfilmandtvnews.com

Here you will find everyones direct contact details. Expand the box for phone numbers and a short presentation of each member of the team.

Photos by: Birgit Solhaug. High res versions are available upon request.

Petri Kemppinen

CEO +47 64 00 60 80 #4 / M +358 405 628 140 petri@nordiskfilmogtvfond.com

Petri Kemppinen has been CEO of the Fund since 2013. He has MA in Communication from University of Helsinki, a background in journalism and publishing before starting his television and film career in the mid-1990s. He spent nine years at The Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, working among others as Commissioning Editor and Head of Youth Department. Between 2005 and 2013 he worked at The Finnish Film Foundation as Film Commissioner, Head of International Affairs and Development and finally Head of Production. He was a member of Eurimages' Board of Management 2006-2013.

Torleif Hauge

Project Advisor - Fiction, Film Cultural Initiatives +47 64 00 60 80 #2 / M +47 90 10 80 80 torleif@nordiskfilmogtvfond.com

Torleif Hauge has been Project Advisor since 2012. He has more than 40 years experience in the film industry in Norway. He started as production assistent and worked his way through lighting, grip, camera, editing and production departments on many feature films. He set up a commercial film production company and was the co-founder of the film production company Paradox. After a couple of year as Production Advisor at the Norwegian Film institute he worked as a producer for an independent production company.

Ann-Sophie W. Birkenes

Project Manager - Distribution, Application Support, Nordic Talents +47 64 00 60 80 #1 / M: +47 99 72 19 60 ann-sophie@nordiskfilmogtvfond.com

Ann-Sophie W. Birkenes has studied English and Film & Television Science at the University Colleges in Bø and Lillehammer. She started working in the film industry in 2000 at The Norwegian Film Institute. There she had various administrative jobs, was the Cinema Coordinator and did project work for Eurodok and Scandinavian Films. She has been with the Fund since 2008. Her main responsibilities are application handling and support, distribution support schemes and projects such as Nordic Talents.

Annika Pham

Writer / Editor M +44 78 08 26 25 48 / Skype: annikapham annika@strategicfilm.com

Annika Pham has been a film trade journalist for more than 20 years. She has a BA in Letters in Civilization from University Paris X, France and a MA in Press and Communication from ECS School in Paris. She has a thorough knowledge of the European film industry, having worked as international editor for the French publication Le Film Français, then as UK and Italian correspondent before specialising on the Nordic region. Since 2007 she writes specifically for www.nordicfilmandtvnews.com and contributes to other film trade magazine and websites such as Le Film Francais and Cineuropa.

Karolina Lidin

Documentary Advisor +47 64 00 60 80 #3 / M: +45 21 68 55 13 karolina@nordiskfilmogtvfond.com

Karolina Lidin has more than 20 years of international experience within the field of short films and documentaries. She studied Linguistics, Communication & Film Studies at Copenhagen & Roskilde University. Her previous positions include Film Consultant and Head of Shorts and Documentaries at the Danish Film Institute, CEO of Filmkontakt Nord, Nordisk Panorama and Nordisk Forum – and she continues to tutor and moderate at international pitching and training sessions. She has been Documentary Advisor of the Fund since 2008.

Lise Løwholm

Project Advisor - Documentaries, Administration +47 64 00 60 80 #3 / M: +47 92 44 87 78 lise@nordiskfilmogtvfond.com

Lise Løwholm has worked in the film industry since 1992 after graduating with a law degree from the University of Oslo. Before joining Nordisk Film & TV Fond in 2007 she worked among others at Norway's Audiovisual Production Fund, Norwegian Film Institute and at an independent production company. At the Fund she is Project Advisor for Documentaries, in addition to overseeing various administrative tasks related to the Fund's Board and Partners.

Salma Reiermark Karoliussen

Economy and Office Controller +47 64 00 60 80 #4 / M: +47 91 33 77 65 salma@nordiskfilmogtvfond.com

Salma Reiermark Karoliussen graduated as a producer from the Norwegian Film School in Lillehammer in 2000. She has over 20 years of experience from film and TV production and comes from the position as Financial Controller at Cinenord Norway. Previously she has worked at Sound Factory and Dinamo Story on among others The Beautiful Country by Hans Petter Moland. She joined the Fund in 2017. Her main responsibilities include economy, project payments and office tasks.


Nordisk Film & TV Fond has an annual budget of approximately DKK 80 million. 
One third the Fund's budget is contributed by The Nordic Council of Ministers, one third by the Nordic Film Institutes and one third by the Nordic Television Companies who are the Parties of the Fund. The financial contribution is subject to the renewable five-year Agreement between The Nordic Council of Ministers and the Parties of the fund listed below. 
Nordisk Film & TV Fond operates according to its Statutes, laid down by The Nordic Council of Ministers in consultation with the Parties.

Nordic Council of Ministers


Danish Film Institute


TV2 Denmark


Finnish Film Foundation


Icelandic Film Centre


365 Media - Stø∂ 2


Norwegian Film Institute


TV2 Norway


Discovery Networks Norway - TVNorge


Swedish Film Institute


Discovery Networks Sweden - Kanal 5


The Board

The Board is appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. It includes representatives of the Fund’s Parties, is composed of individuals who have insight into Nordisk Film & TV Fond's areas of work. At least two of the board members must have special expertise in the film industry, and at least two must have particular expertise in the television sector.

The Board consists of five members, one from each Nordic country, and their personal deputy board members. This is Nordisk Film & TV Fond's Board for the period 2017-2019:

Board of Directors
Morten Fisker Denmark
Jarmo Lampela Finland
Ari Kristinsson Iceland
Stine Helgeland (Chairwoman) Norway
Åsa Sjöberg (Deputy Chariwoman) Sweden
Deputy Board Members
Claus Ladegaard Denmark
Lasse Saarinen Finland
Jóhanna Margrét Gísladóttir Iceland
Christopher Haug Norway
Kristina Börjeson Sweden
Fund's CEO
Petri Kemppinen


Nordisk Film & TV Fond's Statutes and Agreement with the Fund's Parties are available for download below. Also in this section our Privacy Statement and the Terms & Conditions for our website.