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Nordic Council Film Prize 2018

The winner will be announced during the Award Ceremony in Oslo 30 October. Films eligible for the Filmprize 2018 must be Nordic-produced full-length feature films with cinema distribution, and have had its cinema premiere between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018. 

The DKK 350,000 prize will be shared equally among the screenwriter, director, and producer, underscoring how film as an art form is brought about by the close collaboration of these three main contributors. 

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Winter Brothers

  • Director: Hlynur Pálmason
  • Producer: Hlynur Pálmason, Julie Waltersdorph Hansen, Per Damgaard Hansen, Anton Máni Svansson
  • Country: Denmark
  • Original title: Vinterbrødre

Winter Brothers

A brother odyssey set in a rural chalk-mining community during a cold winter. The younger sibling Emil distils moonshine made from chemicals stolen from the factory. Emil is an outsider, an oddball, only accepted by the mining community because of his older brother Johan. Emil longs to be wanted and loved. When a fellow worker becomes sick, Emil and the moonshine are prime suspects. A violent feud gradually erupts between him and the tight-knit mining community. At the same time, Emil feels betrayed by his brother when he finds out that Anna, the subject of his unfulfilled desires, prefers Johan.

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  • Director: Teemu Nikki
  • Producer: Jani Pösö, Teemu Nikki
  • Country: Finland
  • Original title: Armomurhaaja


Veijo Haukka, 50, is a mechanic with a side business of euthanising old and ailing pets. The smaller animals he puts down with exhaust fumes and the bigger ones he shoots with his pistol. Despite his grim job, Veijo stands firmly on the side of the animals. He wants to give the creatures relief, to liberate them from their suffering. Veijo does not necessarily treat the pet’s owners as mercifully. He punishes people who, out of stupidity or selfishness, have mistreated their pets.

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Woman at war

  • Director: Benedikt Erlingsson
  • Producer: Benedikt Erlingsson, Marianne Slot, Carine Leblanc
  • Country: Iceland
  • Original title: Kona fer í stríð

Woman at war

Halla is a fifty-year-old independent woman. But behind the scenes of a quiet routine, she leads a double-life as a passionate environmental activist, secretly waging a one-woman-war on the local aluminium industry. As she plans her biggest and boldest sabotage operation yet, she receives an unexpected letter that changes everything. Her application to adopt a child has been accepted and a little girl is waiting for her in Ukraine. As Halla prepares to abandon her role as saboteur and saviour of the Icelandic highlands to fulfil her dream of becoming a mother, she decides to plot one final attack on the aluminium industry.

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  • Director: Joachim Trier
  • Producer: Thomas Robsahm
  • Country: Norway
  • Original title: Thelma


Thelma, a shy young student, has just left her religious family in a small town on the west coast of Norway to study at a university in Oslo. While at the library one day, she experiences a violent, unexpected seizure. Soon after, she finds herself intensely drawn towards Anja, a beautiful young student who reciprocates Thelma’s powerful attraction. As the semester continues, Thelma becomes increasingly overwhelmed by her intense feelings for Anja – feelings she doesn’t dare acknowledge, even to herself – while at the same time experiencing even more extreme seizures. As it becomes clearer that the seizures are a symptom of inexplicable, often dangerous, supernatural abilities, Thelma is confronted with tragic secrets of her past, and the terrifying implications of her powers.

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  • Director: Jens Assur
  • Producer: Jan Marnell, Tom Persson, Jens Assur
  • Country: Sweden
  • Original title: Korparna


Ravens is based on Tomas Bannerhed’s August Prize-winning novel Korparna.
The drama is set on a Swedish farm in the 1970s. In a village that is slowly losing its population, the farmer Agne is driven to the brink of insanity by the depressing work at the farm, an obsession with making his oldest son Klas take over, and a nagging feeling that someone wants to harm his family. Klas, 15, imagines himself far from the farm and is drawn to the world of birds. But as external threats escalate and his inner feeling of guilt grows, Klas is faced with a choice he can’t escape – to pursue freedom or to retreat.

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About Nordic Council Film Prize

The Nordic Council prizes aim to increase interest in culture and in collaboration on environmental issues, to recognise outstanding artistic and environmental initiatives and to raise the profile and increase the visibility of Nordic co-operation.

The prize-winning film
The winner of the prize will each year be announced during the Session of the Nordic Council. The prize is awarded to an artistically significant, Nordic-produced full-length feature film with cinema distribution. The film must have had its cinema premiere between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018. The DKK 350,000 prize will be shared equally among the screenwriter, director, and producer, underscoring how film as an art form is brought about by the close collaboration of these three main contributors.

Criteria for nomination
The nominated films must have deep roots in Nordic culture, be of high artistic quality, distinguish themselves by their artistic originality, and combine and elevate the many elements of film into a compelling and holistic work of art. 

National and Nordic jury
Each national jury consists of three members appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers (Ministers for Culture). The members are selected from prominent figures whose work relates analytically and critically to film.

Each national jury has a three-year tenure, and the members of the national juries for 2018 are:

Denmark:   Per Juul Carlsen*, Jakob Wendt Jensen, Eva Novrup Redvall

Finland:    Jaana Puskala*, Harri Römpötti, Mikaela Westerlund

Iceland:    Hilmar Oddsson*, Börkur Gunnarsson, Helga Þórey Jónsdóttir

Norway:   Inger Merete Hobbelstad*, Kalle Løchen, Britt Sørensen

Sweden:   Kristina Börjeson*, Emma Gray-Munthe, Gunnar Bergdahl

The Nordic jury is made up of the chairs (*) of each of the national juries.

Event Dates

Finnish Film Prize event
20 - 30 September 2018

Love & Anarchy - Helsinki Int. Film Festival

Contact: Anna Möttöiä

Swedish Film Prize event
5 - 7 October 2018

Best of Norden, Stockholm

Contact: Åsa Jacobsson

Danish Film Prize event
12 - 14 October 2018

Cinemateket and Grand Teatret, Copenhagen

Contact: Kenneth Just (Cinemateket), Kim Foss (Grand teatret),,

Icelandic Film Prize event
18 - 21 October 2018

Bio Paradis, Reykjavík

Contact: Hrönn Sveinsdóttir

Norwegian Film Prize event
26 - 28 October 2018

Nordisk Filmhelg, Oslo

Contact: Jannicke Stendal Hansen

Award Ceremony
30 October 2018

Nordic Council Prizes
Oslo Opera House

Contact: Elisabet Skylare

Nordisk Film & TV Fond

Petri Kemppinen
+ 358 40 562 8140

Nordic Council of Ministers

Senior Adviser/Communication
Elisabet Skylare
+45 21 71 71 27