Nordic Talents 2019 Catalogue
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Nordic Talents 2019

A Nordic network is essential for the industry - and Nordic Talents is the place to meet!

It is our goal to create an informal and including atmosphere where the new talents and the established film and TV-industry are introduced to each other. We aim to be an important platform for talent scouting and networking across the Nordics.

When: 4 September 09:00-22:00, 5 September 09:00-18:15.
Download the catalogue incl. the program here.

Where: The National Film School of Denmark, CPH

NT15 Mingling / PHOTO: NFTVF, Torleif Hauge
NT18 Screening and Pitch Session / PHOTO: NFTVF, Torleif Hauge
NT18 Lunch time / PHOTO: NFTVF, Torleif Hauge
NT18 Dinner and Producers' Pitch / PHOTO: NFTVF, Torleif Hauge

What happens during Nordic Talents  
The main focus of the event is the Pitching Competition where 15 pre-selected projects compete for the pitch prizes. In addition we screen the graduation films of the students who pitch. During the opening dinner 12 Nordic producers will introduce themselves and their companies at the Producer's Pitch. Thursday afternoon two time-Nordic Council Film Prize winner; writer/director/actor Benedikt Erlingsson (Woman at War, Of Horses and Men) will hold a Master Class before the Award Ceremony closes the event. The program lasts from 9:00 Wednesday morning till appx. 18:15 Thursday evening. Detailed program for download under Press Kit below.

The Producer's Pitch
12 Nordic production companies have signed up to pitch at the Producer's Pitch. Noemi Ferrer, International Producer at The Danish Film Institute, will be hosting the session. Full list of the producers will be announced before the event.

Former winners
Since Nordic Talents' start in 2001 many gifted graduation students have presented their projects on stage. Of these, several have made their way to the big screen, others are in development.

Among the former Nordic Talents’ award winners (and projects) are: Erik Richter Strand (Sons), Lisa Munthe and Helen Ahlsson (The Armwrestler from Solitude), Marja Pyykkö (Run Sister Run), Runar Runarsson (Volcano), Jan Rahbek (Marco Macaco), Karzan Kader (Bekas), Antti Heikki Pesonen (Headfirst), Maria Bäck (I Remember When I Die), Hlynur Palmasson (Winter Brothers), Gustav Møller and Lina Flint (The Guilty), Fanni Metelius (The Heart).

Jury and Awards
This year's jury consists of director May el-Toukhy (DK), producer and director of AVEK Ulla Simonen (FI), producer and managing director of Netop Films Grímar Jonsson (IS), film and TV commissioner at NFI Ståle Stein Berg (NO) and co-production director at London-based Twelve Town, Christian Wikander (SE). The Jury selects the winners and hands out two prizes - The Nordic Talents Pitch prize (NOK 250,000) and The Nordic Talents Special Mention (NOK 50,000). Both prizes are development funding given by Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

May El Toukhy / PHOTO: Søren Rønholt
Ulla Simonen / PHOTO: ST Kankaanpää
Grimar Jonsson / PHOTO: Netop Films
Ståle Stein Berg / PHOTO: Norsk Filminstitutt
Christian Wikander / PHOTO: Twelve Town, Jimi Herrtage

Who can attend the event

  • Nordic Talents is open for newly graduated Nordic film- or TV BA- or MA students. You do not have to get selected for the pitching competition to attend the event.
  • After agreement with the schools, a limited number of next year’s graduation students can attend as observers. 
  • We welcome Nordic industry professionals like producers, financiers, distributors and others who are looking for new talent and networking opportunities.

There is a limited number of seats. To attend you must register. Registration is open till 30 August 9 am (CET).

Practical information
Pitching, Master Classes etc. will be held in English. Films will be screened with English sub titles. Nordic Talents is free of charge. All meals served at the Film School are included.
Note: Payment at the bar only by Danish cash or MobilePay. Credit cards are not accepted.

Event News

Christian Wikander joins Nordic Talents Jury

Christian Wikander / PHOTO: Twelve Town, Jimi Herrtage

Christian Wikander joins Nordic Talents Jury

Christian Wikander / PHOTO: Twelve Town, Jimi Herrtage

August 30th is deadline to apply for attending the annual pitching and networking event.

The five jury members set to evaluate 15 pitches from graduating Nordic film students include Queen of Heart’s director May el-Toukhy, and RAMS producer Grímar Jónsson. 

The full programme for the 19th Nordic Talents is now available in our catalogue CLICK HERE.

Sign up to attend before August 30, at 9am (CET) CLICK HERE.

Currently co-production director at London-based Twelve Town, Christian Wikander has been involved in the Swedish series Jordskott 2 and The Conspiracy of Silence. During his previous tenure as SVT Head of Drama, he and his team have development and produced the acclaimed series The Bridge, Real Humans and Midnight Sun.

Remaining jury members are Ulla Simonen, Finnish producer and director of AVEK, and Ståle Stein Berg, film and TV commissioner at The Norwegian Film Institute. Following two days of pitches and screening of graduation films at Copenhagen’s National Film School of Denmark, the jury will hand out on Thursday September 05, the NOK 250,000 Nordic Talents Pitch Prize and NOK 50,000 Special Mention Prize.

Commenting on his jury duties, Wikander said: “It is a great honour to be part of this fantastic jury with so much experience and talent. For me Nordic Talents is a unique event to experience the new Nordic talent in one place. I’m looking forward to listening and watching, to be inspired and getting to know more about the 2019 roster of Nordic talent. But also to meet old and new colleagues from all around, eat some great food which always is fantastic at this event and discuss content for a couple of days.”

More than 200 Nordic film students and industry delegates gather each year at the intimate Nordic Talents pitching and networking platform, where some of the most gifted Nordic filmmaking voices have been uncovered over the past 19 years, such as Gustav Möller (The Guilty), Rúnar Rúnarsson (Echo), Maria Bäck (I Remember When I Die) and this year’s jury member May el Toukhy.

This year’s edition includes:

  • a Masterclass with writer/director Benedikt Erlingsson, double winner of the Nordic Council Film Prize for Woman at War and Of Horses and Men, to be moderated by Silje Riise Næss, film commissioner at the Danish Film Institute, 
  • a Producers’ Pitch from 12 leading Nordic production companies, moderated by Noemi Ferrer Schwenk, International Producer at the Danish Film Institute. 

For more details: CLICK HERE.

Nordic Talents is co-organised by Nordisk Film & TV Fond and the National Film School of Denmark.

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