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TV Drama Vision
Trust And Pay Writers Say TV Drama Vision Panellists

With the Art of Storytelling as main focus of Göteborg’s 2016 TV Drama Vision, yesterday panellists from Scandinavia, Germany and the UK took industry delegates on a creative ride of what makes a good TV drama and defended the one vision model. more…

Ragnar Bragason
Icelandic Prison Drama Catches Fire With Buyers

Ragnar Bragason’s (pictured) TV show Prisoners is the latest hot property from Iceland to have secured solid pre-sales in the Nordic region and elsewhere. Global Screen handles world distribution. more…

Jacob Jarek
Danish Batman On Profile Pic Line Up

Danish production outfit Profile Pictures is set to start filming in three weeks the thriller Darkland starring Dar Salim (Borgen) as a masked man avenging the death of his brother. more…

Lone Korslund - Nordisk Film --
Nordisk Film Seals First Look Literary Deal

Scandinavian major Nordisk Film has just entered a first look deal with Swedish literary hothouse Partners in Stories. more…

Margreth Olin
Margreth Olin: “I need to show the importance of hope in our lives”

The documentary Doing Good (Mannen fra Snåsa) featuring Norwegian healer and local legend Joralf Gjerstad is playing at number 3 at the Norwegian top charts and vying for a Dragon Award-Best Documentary in Göteborg. We spoke to the director and producer Margreth Olin (pictured). more…


Clean Sweep For Fund In Göteborg
New Tool For Co-producers With The Nordics
Land of Mine - Legacy Triumph At Robert Awards
Colin Nutley Shooting First TV Drama In 2 Decades

Trailer of the week

After its world premiere in Berlin where it will open the Generation KPlus section on Friday, the Swedish film Siv Sleeps Astray (Siv sover vilse) will open the BUFF International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö on March 14. The film directed by Catti Edfeldt and Lena Hanno Clyne for Snowcloud Films is represented by sales agent SF International.