The one year old TV content creator Brain Academy has teamed up with Peter Stormare and his LA-based Viking Brothers Entertainment to produce Swedish Dick (pictured), Viaplay’s first original series.

Hollywood-based Stormare forms a double act with Swedish comedian John Glans in the serialised show about two Swedes in downtown LA trying to survive as un-licenced private investigators.  “We are thrilled to deliver the first Viaplay original series, starring the largest names from Sweden’s actor- and humour-elite. Swedish Dicks is nothing you have ever seen before, the perfect mixture of laugh out loud moments and dialogues with a more serious undertone, said Peter Settman, Swedish Dicks showrunner and Brain Academy co-founder. The series will be available across the Nordic region exclusively via Viaplay in late 2016.

Stormare is also playing a main role in the upcoming Scandinavian version of the Finnish hit series Black Widows produced by Moskito for TV3 and Viaplay.