January 31, 2011
Cinema owners and distributors in Denmark and in Norway gave their respective 2010 awards to In a Better World director Susanne Bier and writer Anders Tomas Jensen, and to Marius Holst' King of Devil's Island (photo) for their strong performances at home. Susanne Bier and Anders Thomas Jensen received the 2010 Honorary Award (Hæderpris) from the Danish distributors' Association FAFID and DB (Danske Biografer). The film released by Nordisk Film sold over 415,000 tickets in Denmark. King of Devil's Island (2011 top grosser in Norway) received the 2010 ‘Sølvklumpen' for Best Film from the Norwegian head of Cinemas. Arild Andresen's Liverpool Goolie was awarded the Sølvklumpen for Best Children and Youth Film. The two Norwegian films were produced by 4½ and released domestically by Euforia Film.