The Norwegian film Company Orheim produced by Motlys collected on Saturday the Gothenburg International Film Festival's top Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film and its hefty SEK1 million cash award. Arild Andresen's drama about a family destroyed by a brutal father is represented internationally by NonStop Sales. The film had to fight a close battle with the Swedish debut She Male Snails by Ester Martin Bergsmark, that received an exceptional Special Mention. "We're giving an honourable mention to a film that went beyond simple storytelling and reached a philosophical quality by touching a very sensible, even existential theme: the fragile construction of what you call your personality," stated the jury. The film supported by Nordisk Film & TV Fond also received  the Audience Award for Best Nordic Film and the SEK50,000 Kodak Nordic Vision Award. The other main awards went to Norway's Sons of Norway (FIPRESCI Award), Sweden's Flimmer (Swedish Church Award) and For You Naked (Best Swedish Documentary), and Italy's Corpo Celeste (Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award).