In March the Fund allocated a total of NOK5,600,000 in production support and NOK1,265,000 in distribution support.

DR Drama ’s A Family Matter and two celebrated Swedish IPs based on books are the latest projects backed by Nordisk Film & TV Fond. 

Production Support 

  • A Family Matter (8x60’)
    (En familiesag)
    Grant: NOK1.950.000
    Recipient: DR Drama, Denmark
    Producer: Claudia Saginario
    Writers: Maja Jul Larsen (creator/headwriter), Nanna Westh, Adam August, Kim Fupz Aakeson (episodic writers)
    Director: Pernille Fischer Christensen
    Main cast: Bjarne Henriksen, Peter Plaugborg, Christine Albeck Bjørge
    Commissioning broadcaster: DR
    Global distributor: DR Sales
    Expected premiere: fall 2020

    Story: A teenage girl’s school essay tears a family apart with claims of domestic violence, which forces the mother to launch a legal attack against her own daughter. The social worker investigating the case questions who is telling the truth.

    At the last Berlinale CoPro Pitch Series, seasoned writer Maja Jul Larsen (The Legacy, Borgen) said A Family Matter is “about the lies that we tell ourselves and each other, and the complexity of doing the right thing,” “It’s a family drama, but also an examination of our social system,” added the creator who has based the screenplay on thorough research. The series stars filming early May. 

  •  Ture Sventon and the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle (6x45’)
    (Ture Sventon och Bermudatriangelns hemlighet)
    Grant: NOK1,850,000
    Recipient: Nordisk Film TV Production
    Producer: Helena Larand
    Director: Per Simonsson, Stefan Roos
    Main cast: Robert Gustafsson
    Commissioning broadcaster: C More/TV4
    Premiere: late 2019

    Story: When Ture Sventon finds out Ville Weasel has disappeared he sets on a quest to solve the biggest riddle of them all - What is hiding in the water under the Bermuda Triangle?
    The family film is based on Swedish author Åke Holmberg’s books about the iconic private eye character Ture Sventon, inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Filming is underway. The series received support as well from the Norrköping Film Fund. 

Feature Film

  • Mamma Moo finds her way home
    Grant: NOK 900,000
    Recipient: SF Studios Production Sweden
    Producers: Filippa Torstensson, Jon Nohrstedt
    Directors: Christian Ryftenius, Maria Blom
    World sales: SF Studios

    Story: When a globetrotting stork shows up at the farm, Mamma Moo has reason to ask the question: what is a home, really? How can she be sure that the meadow and farm where she is now are actually her home? What if there’s something better somewhere else in this big world. Crow struggles to show his friend that the grass isn’t greener across the road - but sometimes you have to get lost in order to find your way home.

    The 2D animation series currently in production is co-financed by SVT, Film i Skåne, Slugger Film, and supported by the Swedish Film Institute.

Distribution Support

  • NOK 360,000 in slate distribution to Øst for Paradis, Denmark, for the release of three films including the documentaries Tower (Norway) and Transnistra (Sweden). 
  • NOK 300,000 to Euforia, Norway for the release of the Danish family film The Shamer’s Daughter 2-The Serpent Gift 
  • NOK 200,000 to SF Studios Norway for the release of the Swedish film Britt-Marie Was Here 
  • NOK 125,000 to Studio Show Entertainment, Sweden for the release of the Norwegian animated film Cattle Hill
  • NOK 120,000 to Manymore, Norway for the release of the Danish animated film Up and Away
  • NOK 85,000 to Film Bazar, Sweden for the release of the Norwegian film Battle

Dubbing Support 

  • NOK 75,000 to Manymore, Norway for the dubbing of the Danish animated film Up & Away

Film Cultural Initiatives

  • NOK 45,000 to the National Film School of Denmark for the initiative Young Producers Club in Cannes 2019.