The Norwegian documentary Drone directed by Tonje Hessen Schei (pictured) was awarded on Monday the prestigious Cinema for Peace Award for ‘Most Valuable Documentary of the Year’, beating strong contenders such as Laura Poitras’ Oscar nominated Citizenfour.

The director and her co-producer Jonathan Borge took the stage to receive the prize, for the first time handed out to a Norwegian film. The Cinema for Peace Award to Drone comes on top of previous accolades such as Best Norwegian Documentary in Bergen and Norwegian Peace Film Award in Tromsø. 

Drone has already attracted a lot of media interest for its critical look into drone warfare and its human consequences. It was recently selected by the leading UK newspaper The Guardian for its weekly online slot featuring the best new international documentaries.

Tonje Hessen Schei said about her film: “I got the idea for Drone after seeing how young gamers were recruited by US military forces to fly drones, while still sitting safely in front of a screen in the US.”

“Throughout the film I want to focus on how drones have changed warfare and most likely our future. To kill with joystick is no longer science fiction but a part of today's frightening reality. The US and President Barack Obama have set a dangerous example with their use of drones, but it is also a warfare in which Europe and Norway are taking part."

Drone was produced by Lars Løge for Flimmer Film with support among others, from Nordisk Film & TV Fond. The film will open in Norway on February 27 via Tour de Force. Sales agent LevelK has licensed the film to ten territories.