Two sales companies with strong Scandinavian ties have just merged their sales operations. The announcement was made on Monday during the MIP TV in Cannes, where both companies operated together for the first time.

Coproduction Office and Katapult Film Sales will keep their own brands, catalogues and acquisitions separate. Philippe Bober and Vanja Kalurjercic will remain in charge of acquisitions for Coproduction Office, and Anna Kvorning (photot) for Katapult. However both companies will share the same office in Paris, sales office at world markets and website. "It really makes sense for us to merge, to cut costs but also to have a broader appeal for world buyers," commented Kvorning of Danish origin, who is now supervising sales to Scandinavia and the Baltics under the supervision of Sarah Calderon at Coproduction Office in Paris.

Coproduction Office is a regular co-financier, co-producer and sales representative for Scandinavian films. The European art-house oriented company kick started its activities with Lars von Trier's Europa and has on-going relationships with Sweden's Roy Andersson and Ruben Östlund. Katapult Film Sales which specialises in independent US films and non-US films in the English language is backed by Icelandic/US mogul Joni Sighvatsson. Its catalogue includes A Little Trip to Heaven, the 2005 Icelandic candidate for a Nordic Council Film Prize Screaming Masterpieces and musical documentary Heima featuring Sigur Rós.