Swedish actress Jennie Silfverhjelm plays Alexandra Beier, the new head of Martin Beck police squad in Filmlance’s upcoming Beck TV movie Utan uppsåt (Without Intent).

Filmlance’s Managing Director Lars Blomgren said the new female twist is meant to give a timelier feel to the iconic Beck series. “With our series Bron (The Bridge), we’ve created one of the most popular female characters ever [Saga Norén] and now with Beck, we’ve also moved away from the traditional male/female characters to make the crime show more contemporary.”

In Beck 37 -Without Intent, the semi-retired police commissioner Martin Beck (played by Peter Haber) has hired Alexandra ‘Alex’ Beijer to head his police squad. Alex is not unknown to the Beck viewers as in the first of four new procedurals, Beck- Your Own Blood, Alex had a first encounter with Beck’s Norwegian sidekick Steinar Hovland (Kristofer Hivju) in Jordan, where she was working on behalf of Interpol. For their second meeting, they are competing for Martin Beck’s previous position.

"I have been following the Beck movies over the years and feel incredibly honoured to be the first woman to take the role of squad manager. My character Alex enters into a tough world with both strength and vulnerability, which I believe will bring a new dynamic to the Beck team", said actress Jennie Silfverhjelm, seen in the Swedish comedy feature All Inclusive and film/TV series Gentlemen.

The four new Beck TV Movies Your Own Blood, Thin Ice, Without Intent and The Devil’s Advocate were written by Mårten Klingberg, Katarina Ewers, Wilhelm Behrman and Johan Bogaeus. Mårten Klingberg directed the first two TV movies (Beck 35 and 36) and Jörgen Bergmark Beck 37 Without Intent (premiere on C More March 3) and Beck 38-The Devil’s Attorney (premiere C More April 7, 2018).

The Beck series was produced by Filmlance International in collaboration with C More/TV4, Nordisk Film and ZDF.