Since 2015, IPR.VC has invested in 14 projects across film, television, animation, gaming, internet and music, mostly of Finnish origin but with an international potential. Investments have ranged from development loans, equity funding to co-financing.

Projects that have received backing include the Finnish feature films Tom of Finland, The Guardian Angel, (Skytsenglen, opening June 28 in Denmark), the TV series Bordertown, and pre-school show Gigglebug. “So far our investors are pleased with our results,” said co-partner and managing director Timo Argillander to “Our current fund will be fully invested during this year and we are planning to launch a new, bigger fund early next year.”

IPR.VC’s second VC fund is expected to increase to about €50 million, and to focus on film and TV drama, with a mix of Nordic and non-Nordic content. “The Nordic region remains key to us, and we’ve noticed that Nordic content is now travelling around the world, but there is also much potential from countries across Europe,” adds Argillander. “We will continue to tap into compelling IP with an international potential, and to offer our production partners access to our wide network covering distributors and other financiers in different countries.”

Commenting on his collaboration with IPR.VC, UK/Irish producer Mike Downey of F&ME, currently working on Rudolf Herzog’s film How to Sell a War, said: “The funding of IPR.VC into How To Sell a War was crucial to the core financing of the film. The terms of the funding are not usurious, as is often the case with pure equity funding, and the mechanisms to reach a decision were clear, straightforward and from a business affairs point of view both professional and supportive of the film making process.  Equally we went through a development process together, where we wanted to improve the screenplay to our mutual satisfaction and the fund invested in that process swiftly and with clear precision decision-making which was highly beneficial to the finished product.”

The comedy executive produced by Finland’s Aleksi Bardy among others, is scheduled for delivery in September 2018. In the starring roles are Jay Pharaoh, Katherine Parkinson and Lily Newmark.

The most recent IPR.VC investment is an international TV series based on the fantasy book series The Red Harlequin by Italian-born Roberto Ricci. The IP deal was concluded with Ricci’s Pantominus Media, and executive producer Rick Porras (co-producer of The Lord of the Rings) who will oversee the production of the TV series and The Red Harlequin’s multi-platform strategy.

“The Red Harlequin is a unique and compelling IP whose content can easily extend to books and comics to a plethora of formats and adaptations, such as TV, music, video games, film and licencing,’ said Argillander. “We are confident that The Red Harlequin will become an exciting phenomenon.”