Production Support

Feature films

  • Betrayed (Den største forbrytelsen)
    Grant: NOK 3,000,000
    Recipient: Fantefilm Fiksjon
    Producers: Martin Sundland, Catrin Gundersen & Therese Bøhn
    Director: Eirik Svensson
    Cast: Jakob Oftebro, Nikolai Cleve Broch, Silje Storstein, Carl Martin Eggesbø, Eilif Hartwig, Michalis Koutsogiannakis, Pia Halvorsen
    Domestic distribution: Nordisk Film
    World sales: TrustNordisk
    Premiere: fall 2020
    Story: During World War II, 773 Norwegian Jews were deported from Oslo to the German concentration camp Auschwitz. Only 38 returned home. This is the story about Charles Braude and his family and how their lives were affected by this crime.

    The drama is written by seasoned scriptwriters Harald Rosenløv Eeg (The King’s Choice) and Lars Gudmestad (Headhunters), based on Marte Michelet’s novel The Ultimate Crime.

    The film is produced by The Wave production outfit Fantefilm, in co-production with SF Studios, Film I Väst, with co-financing from Nordisk Film Distribusjon, Lithuania’s Artbox, NRK, DR, SVT, and support from the Norwegian Film Institute. 
  • The Exploits of Moominpappa-The Adventures of a Young Moomin
    Grant: NOK 600 000
    Recipient: Filmkompaniet Alpha
    Producers: Tom Carpelan, Ira Carpelan, Grzegorz Walclawek
    Directors: Ira Carpelan, Jakub Wronski:
    Story: Moominpappa tells about his misunderstood childhood, his shattering flee from the foundling hospital and the momentous meeting with Hodgkins.

    The stop motion animated project from the creators of Moomin and the Midsummer Madness and Moomins and the Comet Chase is co-produced by Poland’s Animoo, with co-financing from Njutafilms in Sweden; Angel Distribution Denmark, Storytelling Media Norway, Yle, support from the Finnish Film Foundation, the Polish Film institute, Svenska kulturfonden, Konstsamfundet.
  • The Opponent (Motständaren)
    Grant: NOK 1,400,000
    Recipient: TANGY
    Producer: Annika Rogell
    Director: Milad Alami
    Domestic distribution: TriArt
    Story: In the aftermath of a violent assault, a couple decides to leave everything and start over in another country, but their past won’t let them go. Masculinity, sex and violence pervade in this modern psychological thriller.

    The sophomore feature by Milad Alami, (The Charmer, When the Dust Settles) is set to start production in the fall 2020. The film is co-produced by Norway’s Ape & Björn, Finland’s Don Films, Denmark’s Good Film Company, SVT, with co-financing from Film i Väst, Yle, DR, support from the Swedish Film Institute and the Norwegian Film Institute. The drama will be release in Sweden by TriArt and in Norway by MER Distribution.
  • Compartment Number 6
    Grant: NOK 1,400,000
    Recipient: Aamu Filmcompany
    Producer: Jussi Rantamäki
    Director: Juho Kuosmanen
    World sales: Totem Films
    Domestic distribution: B-Plan
    Premiere: 2021  
    Story: The adaptation of Rosa Liksom’s eponymous novel is set in the late 1980s. A young Finnish woman escapes a strange love triangle to take a train to Mongolia. Confronted with the reality of late Soviet Siberia, she is forced to share her journey with a man who hates the world.

    The anticipated second feature by the director of The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki, is co-produced by Estonia’s Amrion, Germany’s Achtung Panda! and Russia’s CTB. Filming is set to start in February in Russia. 

Distribution Support -

  • NOK 300,000 to Scanbox Entertainment for the release in Denmark of the Norwegian animated film Ella Bella Bingo
  • NOK 150,000 to Finnkino for the release in Finland of the Norwegian animated film Ella Bella Bingo.  

Film Cultural Initiatives Support 

  • NOK 550,000 to the Norwegian Film Festival for New Nordic Films 2020
  • NOK 150,000 to Filmplan for the Frontières Financing & Packaging Forum (Karlskrona, February 27-29)