We kick-off 2017 with great news for our Nordic partners and colleagues.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond has made major changes to its funding budget and regulations as part of its on-going efforts to better service the film and TV industries in the Nordic region.

Firstly, to respond to higher demand in distribution support, we have increased the Fund’s total distribution support budget by 50% to NOK 9 million for 2017.

Secondly our distribution support is now fully platform-neutral to mirror the current and future reality of film consumption. We have indeed incorporated to our regular support programme the Digital Distribution Support Scheme that was under a trial period between 2014-2016.

The other pilot programme ’Nordic Film Marketing Support Scheme’ has also become permanent. Distributors applying for Slate Support can therefore also ask for extra funding towards hiring a Marketing person. We have decided not to set a maximum amount here, as the needs vary from film to film. However I envisage the grant across three films to be around NOK 150.000.

Regarding film production support, the basic rules have been simplified. A demand of having distribution confirmed in at least two out of five Nordic countries is sufficient, and in principle, distribution on any platform is acceptable for feature film.

We will continue our policy of funding ambitious projects of high quality, targeting first the Nordic region and secondly the international market. In line with that comes a new requisite: we now require comprehensive distribution and marketing plans in all the Nordic countries where the project will be released. These should include platforms, definition of target group(s), how to reach those targets and audience estimate.

Finally we have taken into account the arrival of new players in the Nordic production and distribution sector in project financing. We are sticking to our partners and a significant amount of funding for the project has to come from one of them. However non-partners of the Fund may now finance and even have distribution rights in a Nordic country in case our TV-partner from the same country also has the rights. 

All the best wishes for a smooth and thrilling collaboration in 2017 

Petri Kemppinen, CEO Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

To download new guidelines click Guidelines  2017