Tobias Santelmann (Marcella, Acquitted) and Ellen Dorrit Petersen (Blind) have the title roles

The new Norwegian crime series co-produced by Monster Scripted and TV2 started filming on Thursday. Tobias Santelmann (Marcella, Acquitted) and Ellen Dorrit Petersen (Blind) have the title roles.
Megan Gallagher, former consultant on US films such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Revolutionary Road is co-creator/writer with Alexander Opsal, literary consultant and editor of the best-selling crime novels Headhunters and The Snowman. Gunnar Vikene (The Third Eye) is concept director and will supervise a few episodes.

The story focuses on policeman Nikolai Andreassen (Santelmann), asked to investigate a suicide in his hometown. When he discovers that the suicide is in fact a murder, Nikolai is faced with a dilemma that forces him into the grey area between right and wrong, and away from his moral principles. 

Christopher Haug, Head of Drama at TV2 said: “The series is well written and has a drive that TV viewers can look forward to. Borderline tackles interesting dilemmas that we are not unfamiliar with in today’s Norway and the characters are both complex and interesting. “
For producer Håkon Briseid, the combination of the intense detective plot and strong characters brings Borderline at the level of the best international crime shows.
Several foreign partners who have boarded the project will be unveiled next week. 

Borderline will premiere on TV2 in the autumn 2017.

Meanwhile Monster Scripted’s current TV hit Nobel produced for NRK has been sold to Netflix, on top of previous deals closed with Canal+ for France, Lumiere Group for Benelux and DBS Satellite Services for Israel. The TV drama had TSR (total screen ratings) of over a million per episode, wth a peak at 1.322.000 for episode 1.