I Remember You opened at number one in Iceland while You Disappear was second in Denmark after Guardians of the Galaxy V2.

Peter Schønau Fog’s You Disappear starring Trine Dyrholm, Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Michael Nyqvist has sold 156,785 tickets after three weeks in Denmark. The Zentropa film distributed by Nordisk Film was well received by the local press, with five stars (out of six) in Eksra Bladet, B.T, four in Berlingske Tidende, Jyllands-Posten and three stars in Politiken.

Jesper Rofelt’s feature debut Dan Dream (written by local comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen who also play the leads) has tempted 104,609 people after six weeks on screens. The comedy set in the 80s remained stable at number seven under Nordisk Film’s banner.

The documentary Den anden side by Pernille Rose Grønkjær about local comedian Anders Matthesen sold 2,633 tickets, for a ninth place at the Top Ten. Total admissions are 9,839 after two weeks for the Scanbox release.

Two Norwegian films are holding on to their Danish screen time: after five weeks the stop motion animated In the Forest of Huckybucky released by SF Studios is still playing in 90 screens and total admissions have reached 43,070, while 80,000 Danes have watched the WW2 drama The King’s Choice, still playing in 8 screens after 14 weeks under Camera Film’s banner.

In Finland the only Nordic film that made it in the Top ten last weekend was the local comedy drama Unexpected Journey by Samuli Valkama, that climbed from number 15 to 10 for Nordisk Film. After nine weeks, the film about an unlikely friendship between a young refugee and an old racist has sold a total of 60,120 tickets.

The Swedish favourite bear in the animated Bamse and the Witch’s Daughter has charmed 15,078 Finns via Nordisk Film. The film was number 13 last weekend after four weeks. The other animated film Richard the Stork, co-produced by Norway came in at number 16. Admissions after two weeks total 2,824.

Meanwhile Dome Karukoski’s biopic Tom of Finland has tempted only 94,601 Finns after 11 weeks on screens. 

In Iceland Óskar Thór Axelsson’s ghost story/thriller I Remember You had a rocket start last weekend for Sena, with 7,728 admissions from 13 screens. The film produced by ZikZak Filmworks pushed down from its top position Guardian of the Galaxy V2, released locally by Samfilm. Axelsson’s previous film Black’s Game was the top-selling Icelandic film in 2012.

Myndform is enjoying the strong performance of the Norwegian In the Forest of Huckybycky (10,135 admissions in five weeks), number seven last weekend, while the distributor’s other Nordic offer, the Danish thriller Darkland has sold 923 tickets  after three weeks.

In Norway, the animated Richard the Stork co-produced by Norway’s Kristine Knudsen entered the Top Ten at number 2, just under Walt Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy V2. The Euforia Film release totalled 14,150 admissions from 151 screens.

The Swedish animated Bamse & The Witch’s Daughter released by Nordisk Film came in at number 11, with 824 extra tickets sold, for a total of 9,300 after three weeks.

In Sweden the Norwegian drama The King’s Choice was the only Nordic title in the Top Ten last weekend. Thanks to Studio S Entertainment’s increased screen run from 14 to 33, the film came in at number 8 and sold an extra 2,096 tickets to reach 10,331 after three weeks.

Another Norwegian title - In the Forest of Huckybucky is steadily adding numbers. The film was number 11 last weekend and nearly 40,000 Swedes have watched the SF Studios release after 5 weeks. Just under at number 12 was the award-winning Sami Blood, which has proved a solid local title for Nordisk Film. Nearly 157,000 Swedes have watched Amanda Kernell’s Sami drama in 10 weeks.

Scanbox Entertainment launched the Danish thriller Darkland and had 517 visitors from 22 screens.

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