Full list of January 2019 support:

Production support
TV series

The Minister

  • The Minister (8x45')
    Grant: NOK 2.3 million
    Recipient: Sagafilm, Iceland
    Producer: Anna Vigdís Gísladóttir
    Writers: Birkir Blær Ingólfsson, Björg Magnúsdóttir and Jónas Margeir Ingólfsson
    Directors: Arnór Pálmi Arnarson, Nanna Kristin Magnúsdóttir
    Key cast: Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Aníta Bríem
    Premiere RÚV: spring 2020

    Story: Iceland’s Prime Minister Benedikt Rikhardsson suffers from bipolar disorder and as he progresses into his illness, his team and allies are forced to endanger both the stability of the government and their private lives. Some hide the illness while others abuse it.

    Inspired by Iceland’s volatile political environment, the series has a universal appeal as a timely portrait of an unstable but charismatic political leader, and the way his behaviour impacts the people around him and the nation’s overall politics. According to Sagafilm Nordic’s CEO and executive producer Kjartan Thor Thordarson, the RÚV series will air as well on DR, SVT, Yle and NRK. Lumiere Group has pre-bought rights for the Benelux. Filming is set to start on April 10, 2019. A deal with a world distributor will soon be announced.

Feature Film

  • Our Man in America
    Grant: NOK2.3 million
    Recipient: Nimbus Film (DK)
    Producer: Jonas Frederikse
    Director: Christina Rosendah
    Story: The WW2 drama tells of one man’s courage to rise up against the Third Reich. The latest project by Christina Rosendahl (The Idealist, Triple Dare) is set to start filming on April 8 in Hungary, with further shooting days planned in Denmark. The expected domestic release via SF Studios is scheduled for March 26, 2020.

    Further details about the storyline and cast and crew will soon be announced.

Distribution support

  • NOK250,000 to Filmkompaniet Alpha, Finland, for the release of the Icelandic film Ploey-You Never Fly Alone 
  • NOK 320,000 in slate distribution support to Fidalgo, Norway for the release of three films including Denmark’s Happy Ending and Finland’s One Last Deal

Dubbing support

  • NOK25,000 to Filmkompaniet Alpha, Finland for the dubbing of Ploey, You Never Fly Alone

Culture Initiatives support

  • NOK 125,000 to Nordic Factory Copenhagen for the Frontières Finance & Packaging Forum in Helsinki (February 14-16, 2019).
  • NOK 80,000 to Iceland’s Stockfish Film Festival & Industry Days (February 28-March 10) 

  • NOK40,000 to Finnanimation, Finland for the Cartoon Masters Programme to be held in Tampere (April 23-26).