Exclusive: The 2017 Nordic Council Film Prize nominees will be announced in Haugesund by Norwegian rising stars Tarjei Sandvik Moe and Iman Meskini.

Tarjei Sandvik Moe plays Isak Valtersen, lead character of season 3 of NRK’s hit series Skam (Shame), and Iman Meskini plays Sana Bakkoush, the main character in the final season 4.

The young actors and web sensations will take centre stage on August 22, 2017 at the Norwegian International Film Festival’s Edda cinema in Haugesund where they will announce the five films nominated for the 2017 Nordic Council Film Prize.

Tarjei Sandvik Moe said: “It is a true honour to present the nominees for the Nordic Council Film Prize. Although I haven’t yet played in any feature film, in recent years I have become familiar with the hard work that comes with trying to make original TV drama of high artistic value. And I believe that trying to engage and seduce cinema audiences must be even harder. Several times earlier, films that I love have won this prestigious award. It will be incredibly exciting to see who takes the prize this year since, in my opinion, Nordic films have only gone better and better in recent years! "

NRK’s teen TV drama Skam created by Julie Andem has reached a cult status in Norway but also across Scandinavia and in the rest of the world where millions of fans have eagerly followed the group of 16+ Oslo high school kids and their open discussions about loneliness, homosexuality, mental illness and religion among others.
The final episode was shown on Saturday June 24 on NRK’s online service and during the last week more than 1 million viewers visited Skam’s dedicated website.

The announcement of the Nordic Council Film Prize nominations 2017 on August 22 will be followed by the official opening of Haugesund’s New Nordic Films market (August 22-25). The Nordic Council Film Prize is administered by Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

The 2017 winner will be announced on November 1st during the Session of the Nordic Council in Helsinki and before that the nominated films will be seen in various events in the Nordic countries.

For further information about the Nordic Council Film Prize  CLICK HERE.