Headhunters’ Friland Film is producing, together with Zentropa Sweden, Adomeit Film, Denmark and Phanta Basta! in the Netherlands.

Lisa Teige - aka Eva from the cult web series Skam - makes her feature debut in the dance film Battle directed by Katarina Launing (Magic Silver, Wisting).

Writer Maja Lunde has adapted the film from her own eponymous novel. The film centres on teenage dancer Amalie who is forced to move to a tougher neighbourhood, while desperately trying to hold on to her former, privileged life. She meets street dancer Mikael who introduces her to her first dance ‘battle’. For the first time she must trust her own feelings and show the world who she really is. Hip hop dancer Fabian Svegaard Tapia plays Mikael.

Maja Lunde said: "I saw Lisa Teige in Skam while writing Battle, and immediately thought she could be Amalie; She is a talented actress and has just the vulnerability that the role requires. When I also learned that she could dance, it was clear she was the one.”

Producer Pål Røed said: “With mesmerising music and great dancing Battle deals with topics such as identity, social differences, ambition, pride and prejudice. It harbours high-octane emotional conflicts, teenage hormones, hopes and dreams."

 The film inspired by dance classics such as Dirty Dancing, Flashdance or Step Up, is currently in post-production and will be released in Norway this fall by Nordisk Film Distribution. World sales are being negotiated according to Røed.

Battle received support from Nordisk Film & TV Fond.