Søren Pilmark to play King Haakon VII in Atlantic Crossing

5 MARCH 2019

Atlantic Crossing, Søren Pilmark, Tobias Santelmann / PHOTO: Cinenord

The Danish actor has joined Sofia Helin and Kyle MacLachlan in the Norwegian epic series, currently filming in Lillehammer.

Pilmark’s credit as an actor include The King’s Game, The Killing, Downsizing. As a director, he was Oscar nominated in 2007 for his short film Helmer & Son.

“It’s a great honour to be able to play King Haakon and to get to know him,” said the Danish actor about the monarch.

Atlantic Crossing’s creator/director Alexander Eik said: “In addition to the striking resemblance, Søren Pilmark carries this role with a natural authority and dignity, while conveying the empathic aspect of King Haakon’s personality. During the war, the King experienced the nightmare of his life. He saw his son, daughter in law and grand-children flee for their lives from the Nazis, while his beloved Norway became obsessed with the enemy." Sofia Helin plays Crown Princess Märtha, Tobias Santelmann Crown Prince Olav and King Haakon’s son, while US actor Kyle MacLachlan plays US President Franklin D Roosevelt and Harriet Harris his wife Eleanor Roosevelt.


Søren Pilmark to play King Haakon VII in Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Crossing Sofia Helin, Kyle Maclachlan / PHOTO: Cinenord

The series chronicles the true story of Crown Princess Märtha who fled with her children from Nazi occupied Norway to the sanctuary of the White House while her husband and father in law, King Haakon established a government in exile in London. In the US, Märtha had a significant impact on President Roosevelt's decision to enter the war, and became an influential figure in world politics.

The 8-part series produced by Cinenord Drama for NRK will premiere early 2021. Beta Film handles world distribution.