Exclusive: The Swedish teen sci-fi thriller series from the creators of Jordskott is currently filming on the island of Gotland.

The 8x15'series Dream (Dröm) is based on an idea by Palladium Fiction’s joint-MD Johan Rudolphie. The company’s Head of Development Filip Hammarström is showrunner and co-wrote the show, with rising screenwriter Aaron Levander (The Truth Will Out) and Dunja Vujovic. Two seasons are being produced back to back, with a combined budget of SEK 25m (€2.5m). Hassel director Amir Chamdin is attached to season 1, and commercials director Kirke Ailio Rodwell to season 2. The show is produced for SVT, in co-production with Gotland Film Fund. Palladium’s shareholder Sony Pictures Television handles world distribution.

Dream will be in the spirit of Stranger Things, but not as scary,” says Hammarström, citing the films Interstellar and Interception as other inspirations. “Basically, SVT approached us, asking if we could come up with a sci-fi thriller for their kids channel Barnkanalen. We loved the idea, as sci-fi is our favourite genre. It allows us to create compelling and thrilling stories set in different realms, where characters and events can be hard to comprehend, but ultimately bring a fresh perspective on humanity.”

Dream is set on an island, after an asteroid has hit the place. A young girl discovers that she and three of her new classmates have shared the same strange dream the night before... a dream of their own future as adults. When the group learns that a horrible accident is about to take place – one they can knowingly stop – their decision to work together inadvertently changes the course of their future forever.

Hammarström says the show will be visually stunning thanks to world class cinematographer Crille Forsberg who shot David Bowie’s music video Lazarus and the series Hassel. Global creative company Media Monks will handle the special effects. “The teen/young adult core audience is used to watching top quality world TV shows. We have to take them seriously and offer them the same top end visual entertainment,” notes Hammarström.
Most of the filming takes place on location in Gotland, on the Slite industrial site, with five extra days in studios. The Dream team has been filming since late August, with another two weeks to go. Delivery is set for 2019.