Scandinavian Star / PHOTO: Peter Dejong Ap Photo Ritzau Scanpix

Tobias Lindholm, Mikala Krogh, Linda Hambäck among latest fund recipients

In its February round of support Nordisk Film & TV Fond has invested a total of NOK 9.4 million in production funding to two TV series, two documentaries and an animated film.

The Fund’s NOK 2 million grant to Mikala Krogh’s Scandinavian Star is the biggest ever in the documentary genre.

Full list of February 2019 support:

Production Support


  • Scandinavian Star (6x60’)
    Grant: NOK 2 million
    Recipient: Danish Documentary, Denmark
    Producers: Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær, Thomas Heinesen
    Director: Mikala Krog
    Expected premiere: 2020

    Story: Scandinavian Star will shed a light on the largest unsolved murder investigation in Scandinavia in recent times. The night of April 7th 1990, 159 people died due to arson on the ferry Scandinavian Star, which sailed between Norway and Denmark.

    The documentary series is produced by Danish Documentary and Nordisk Film Production Denmark, in co-production with Nordisk Film Production Norway, in association with DR, NRK, TV4 Sweden, with support from the Danish film Institute, the Norwegian Film Institute, the Copenhagen Film Fund, Politiken’s journalistic Fund, Jyllands-Posten’s Journalistic Fund and the West Danish Film Fund.

    Currently in the editing stage (with 4 editors working on it), the event documentary series will premiere in April 2020 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the tragedy.

  • Fat Front
    Grant: NOK 500,000
    Recipient: Hansen & Pedersen Film & TV, Denmark
    Producer: Malene Flindt Pedersen
    Directors: Louise Detlefsen, Louise Unmack Kjeldsen
    Expected premiere: October 2019

    Story: Fat Front tells the story of fat, young, female body-activists who have lived their whole life with self-hatred and shame because of their bodies. The film follows their personal liberation and political activism and the birth of the movement. It’s about empowerment and learning to accept oneself.

    The film is co-produced by Norway’s Medieoperatørerne, Sweden’s Auto Images, in association with TV2 Denmark, SVT, RUV, ERR, support from the Danish Film Institute, the Swedish Film Institute, Fritt Ord, Film i Skåne and the West Danish Film Fund.

Tobias Lindholm, Mikala Krogh, Linda Hambäck among latest fund recipients

Fat Front / PHOTO: Hansen Pedersen

Feature Film

  • The Ape Star
    Grant: NOK 1.9 million
    Recipient: LEE Film, Sweden
    Producers: Linda Hambäck, Petter Lindblad 
    Director: Linda Hambäck 
    Expected premiere: late 2020 

    Story: The animated feature based on a book by Frida Nilsson, tells of a growing relationship between a mother and a daughter, with the city authorities as the great villain. Orphan Jonna (8) dreams of a mother, but is adopted by a clumsy gorilla. Finally when things are going great, the community man Tord comes and threatens their existence, wanting to throw Jonna back to the orphanage.

    Hambäck has teamed up again with Gordon & Paddy’s scriptwriter Jan Vierth and production designer Ola Larsson. Creative illustrator Maria Nilsson Thore has joined the team as character designer.

Tobias Lindholm, Mikala Krogh, Linda Hambäck among latest fund recipients

The Ape Star / PHOTO: Lee film [Concept]

TV series 

  • Swiping (Dejta) (8x45’) 
    Grant: NOK 2 million
    Recipient: B Reel Film, Sweden
    Producers: Frida Bargo & Fredrik Heinig 
    Writer: Sara Kadefors 
    Directors: Jens Sjögren & Rojda Sekersöz 
    Commissioning broadcaster: SVT
    Other broadcasters: DR, Yle, NRK, RÚV
    Expected premiere: 2020   

    Story: The relationship comedy drama tells of Ella, every other week mother of three children, who runs a catering company and juggles work and family. She envies the seemingly happy life of others and starts dating online. This leads to unexpected meetings, great disappointments but also passionate affairs.

  • The Investigation (6x44’) 
    Grant: NOK 3 million 
    Recipient: Miso Film Denmark 
    Producers: Peter Bose, Jonas Allen 
    Writer/Director: Tobias Lindholm
    Commissioning broadcasters: C More/TV4, TV2 Denmark 
    Other broadcasters: TV2 Norway, MTV Finland
    Global distributor: Freemantle

    Story: Through eight months we follow homicide investigator Jens Møller and his team, while they try to solve the case known in the press as ‘The Submarine Murder’.

Distribution support

  • NOK 300,000 in slate distribution to Atlantic Film, Finland for the release of three films including the Swedish film Sune vs Sune 
  • NOK 200,000 to Norsk Filmdistribusjon, Norway for the release of the Danish film Hacker
  • NOK 130,000 to Nordisk Film Distribution, Sweden for the release of the Danish film The Guilty
  • NOK 85,000 to Another World Entertainment, Norway for the release of the Finnish film Baby Jane 
  • NOK 70,000 to Folkets Bio, Sweden for the release of the Finnish film Stupid Young Heart 
  • NOK 45,000 to Scanbox Entertainment, Sweden for the release of the Icelandic film Woman at War