Roar Uthaug’s disaster movie Bølgen (The Wave), Michael Noer’s (pictured) drama Nøgle hus spejl starring Ghita Nørby (pictured), Antti J. Jokinen’s love epic Wildeye (previously known as Helena), Petri Kotwica’s Cross My Heart, the kids movie Antboy 2 and SVT's Christmas series Piratskatten’s hemlighet have received production support from Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s February round of support.

Norway’s first disaster movie The Wave produced by Are Heidenstrøm and Martin Sundland for Fantefilm Fiksjon was granted NOK2 million from the Fund towards its NOK 48 million (€5.8m) budget. Based on a script by John Kåre Raake, the film follows a family confronted to one of the most dramatic events of their lives when a massive rock slides in a fjord. Genre specialist Roar Uthaug (Escape) starts filming on April 29. Nordisk Film will handle domestic distribution. 

øgle hus spejl (working title) is Danish director Michael Noer’s third feature after the realistic dramas R and Northwest. Denmark’s grand dame Ghita Nørby plays the main character Lily who moves together with her husband into a retirement home because of his sickness. There, she meets the love of her life, The Pilot. Nøgle hus spejl is about the battle for freedom in a prison with no bars. Also cast in a major role is Swedish actor Sven Wollter. The NOK17.6 million (€2.1m) project produced by Tomas Radoor and Rene Ezra for Nordisk Film was granted NOK 1 million. Principal photography starts on April 23 and Trust Nordisk will handle world sales.

The Finnish epic Wildeye based on Katja Kettu’s novel Kätilö is a love story set against the backdrop of the Lapland War in 1944-1945. Director Antti J. Jokinen (Purge) has hired for the leading roles Krista Kosonen and Lauri Tilkanen. The film produced by Markus Selin and Jukka Helle for Solar Films received NOK1.1 million from the Fund. Filming starts early May.

The other Finnish feature Cross My Heart by Petri Kotwica (Black Ice) is the story of Kiia and Martin who are speeding to get in time to the hospital as Kiia is in labour...but their car hits an obstacle on the road. In the hospital, Kiia meets a woman whose husband is in a coma, victim of a hit-and-run driver. The film produced by Minna Virtanen (Vertigo) was granted NOK1.250.000 from the Fund. Nordisk Film will release it domestically.

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Danish family film Antboy is directed again by Ask Hasselbalch. Antboy 2 expands the universe of the original film, with more characters and emotional depth. The film produced by Eva Jacobsen for Nimbus Film in co-production with Germany’s Junafilm UG received a NOK1.250.000 grant. Principal photography started on February 25 and SF Film will release it domestically on December 25, 2014. World sales are handled by Montreal-based Attraction Distribution.

The Swedish Christmas calendar Piratskattens hemlighet (The Secret of the Pirates Treasure) directed by Anna Zackrisson is produced by Tre Vänner’s Nicklas Wikström Nicastro for SVT. The series is based on an original idea by the production outfit’s co-founders and writers Tomas Tivemark and Johan Kindblom. Filming has started and is set to be completed by May. Piratskattens hemlighet was granted NOK1.250.000.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond also supported Swedish distributor Njutafilms for the release of the Icelandic film Metalhead and the Cultural initiatives ‘Nordisk Film distribution Seminar ‘ in Oslo (March 30-31) and Nordic Sales Agents at Markets.