Nominated writer: Maja Jul Larsen

CRY WOLF (Ulven kommer)
Denmark, 2020
Nominated writer: Maja Jul Larsen
Directors: Pernille Fischer Christensen, May El-Toukhy, Samanou Sahlstrøm, Niclas Bendixen
Producer: Claudia Saginario
Produced by: DR Drama for DR
Premiere: October 11 2020
Sales: DR Sales

CRY WOLF is the intense and emotional story of a teenage girl who has written a vivid school essay detailing her stepfather’s violent behavior. The parents deny the accusations, but who is lying – and who is telling the truth?

Maja Jul Larsen's bio
Maja Jul Larsen was born in Copenhagen in 1982. She graduated as a screenwriter from the National Danish Filmschool in 2007. She is primarily known for her work as a writer on acclaimed tv-shows such as The Legacy, Follow the money and Borgen. Cry Wolf is her first show as a creator.

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