Children experience and consume content on multiple platforms, often several at once. The Fund wanted to ensure the availability of Nordic content for this target group, in cinemas and on TV as well as on other platforms. Accordingly, the vision with High Five Cross Media Content For Kids was to create the best possible foundation for the production of quality transmedia content for Nordic children. The primary media were film and/or TV, but supported projects should also develop content for other platforms (games, mobile phones, online, books, etc.).

High Five Kids was first held in 2010-2011 and was partly financed by funds from the Nordic Council of Ministers Globalisation Fund. The follow-up evaluation found that the initiative, in its combination of economic project development support, international expert coaching and presentations to future financiers, was well timed and highly successful. Consequently, the Fund’s Board and CEO decided to allocate funds in 2012-2013 for a new round of High Five Kids. The initiative is a partnership with Power to the Pixel, a respected British company that has participated in the concept development and had the contacts to selected international experts.

High Five Kids 2012-2013 was announced in March 2012, with an application deadline of 15 August. Thirty projects applied and seven were selected by the Fund with the aid of a Nordic editorial group of experts in film, TV, games and apps. A workshop was held from 12-16 November, in which the seven projects went through an intensive development process conducted by five international and two Nordic experts. A presentation seminar was held on 22 February 2013 in advance of the financing forum from 11-13 March in Malmö, organised in joint with the Financing Forum for Kids Content. There, the seven High Five Kids projects, along with 20 other mainly film and TV projects were pitched to a number of Nordic and European financiers.

The High Five Cross Media Content For Kids 2012-2013 projects:

  • Alfie Atkins (Maipo Film, Norway): feature film, TV series, web game, apps for mobiles and tablets. 
  • Gigglebug (Anima Boutiquer, Finland): a 10x4' TV series, an interactive game and printed picture book. 
  • Karl Dymling-Guided by Ghosts (Breidablick Film produktion/AB Svensk Filmindustri): consists of a feature film - Ghostship Vallona - a TV series, an interactive game, apps for smartphones and tablets and live events.  
  • The Snowflakes (Nice Ninja, Denmark): a feature film, TV-series, an interactive game, apps for smartphones and tablets, and toys. 
  • Twin Pigs (Kongo Interactive, Denmark): a TV series, game for smartphones and tablets, printed books and ebooks. 
  • Ib the Dog (Hunden IB, Denmark): a 13x5' TV animation series, game for web, smartphones and tablets and ebook.
  • Valkyria (KORE Film & Transmedia, Sweden): a feature film, a web-series, living drama camps, a participatory, collective online exhibition, a book and a smartphone app.