Stuck in Dundalk, the feature debut project by Icelandic born Thordur Pálsson (pictured) won on Friday the coveted NOK250,000 Nordic Talents Pitch Prize at a ceremony held at the National Film School of Denmark. Pálsson just graduated from the National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield, UK with the 23 minute social drama Brothers.

The jury of the 15th Nordic Talents said in a statement: “The Nordic Talent Pitch Prize goes to a project that impressed the jury by a fluent, well-structured and most of all, personal story. The winner’s graduation film shows tremendous talent in narrative and visual storytelling as well as special skills in convincing character performance. The winner has a clear vision of the up-coming film and a professional attitude in developing it. The jury believes in the director’s personal voice.”

The second Pitch Prize or Special Mention was handed out to director Gustav Möller and producer Lina Flint from the National Film School of Denmark for their project The Guilty. The jury said:“The Nordic Talents Special Mention Prize goes to a team who knows how to capture the attention of the audience. The theme of the  graduation film [In Darkness] is repeated in the new project, challenging us to face our own demons. The jury saw a skilful presentation and well-executed graduation film and is convinced that this team has the potential to realize this exciting and ambitious project.”

The 15th Nordic Talents held September 02-04, 2015, was co-organised by Nordisk Film & TV Fond and the National Film School of Denmark. (Full report on Friday).