German producer Peter Nadermann (pictured - The Team) has signed a deal with Finnish production house Vertigo to co-develop the upcoming TV series Bullets, co-financed by YLE. The 10x55’ drama thriller marks Nadermann’s first foray into Finnish TV drama. 
Bullets is co-written by the award-winning Antti Pesonen (Nymphs), Matti Laine and Kirsi Vikman. The character-driven series revolves around two strong female characters, an undercover policewoman and a Chechen female suicide bomber, both torn between personal identity and extremism.

Nadermann told Finland’s export organisation FAVEX: “Bullets is not only inherently international by the story, but it's told on such a high standard of modern serialized storytelling, that I have high hopes for the project." Vertigo’s managing director and producer Minna Virtanen is co-creator of Bullets with Pesonen.