Production support TV Series 

  • Transport
    Format: 8x50’
    Grant: NOK2 million
    Recipient: Tekele Productions (Finland)
    Producers: Miia Haavisto, Tia Talli 
    Writer/director: Auli Mantila
    Commissioning broadcaster: Yle
    Story: Crime drama about ordinary people, money and food fraud. 
    Seasoned producer Miia Haavisto (Tom of Finland, The Unknown Soldier) says Transport stands out as a project set in an environment - the international food trade - that hasn’t been portrayed much in TV drama, “world that we all belong to as citizens and as consumers and to which we can all relate to.” The story is “about dizzying secrets of ordinary lives for the show’s main characters. They are all drawn into the world of fraud - whether they like it or not,” she adds.

    Transport is being co-produced by Belgium’s Helen Perquy of Jonnydepony (Blackout). Co-financiers confirmed so far besides Nordisk Film & TV Fond include the Nordic 12’s public broadcasters partners Yle, DR, RÚV, NRK, SVT, the Finnish Film Foundation, Screen Flanders, and the EU Programme’s Creative Europe.  Filming in Finland and in Belgium is set to start in the fall 2020. 


  • Senseless Grant: NOK 500,000
    Recipient: Danish Documentary, Denmark
    Producer: Sigrid Dyekjær
    Writer/director: Guy Davidi
    International sales: Autlook Film Sales
    Expected premiere: 2021
    Story: Academy-award nominated producer Sigrid Dyekjær (The Cave) and director Guy Davidi (5 Broken Cameras) will bring to the screen the story of young boys and girls who died during military service in Israel due to suicide. It’s the story of those entangled between their desire to be part of the Israeli society and their own sensitivity and moral values.

    Israel-born Davidi who lives in Denmark, experienced himself the personal toll of enrolling in the military service, compulsory in Israel. His film is dedicated to the youngsters who dare to ask questions about the system and the pressure from society.

    Senseless will use a mix of narration, diaries, letters, home video footage of the soldiers, observational raw documentary scenes to allow the audience to be immersed in the characters’ inner worlds. 

    The film is co-produced by Finland’s Making Movies, Iceland’s Sagafilm, Israel’s Medalia Productions, with co-financing from DR, Yle, RÚV, support from the Danish Film Institute, the Finnish Film Foundation, the Icelandic Film Centre, MPA APSA Academy Film Fund, Israel’s New Fund for Cinema & TV and the EU’s Creative Europe. 

Cultural Initiatives 

  • NOK 530,000 to the Göteborg Film Festival for Nordic Film Market 2020