This year’s new programme Nordic Flair-Focus on Casting is part of the Finnish Film Affair’s on-going celebration of Nordic talent, crystallised in 2017 with the launch of the Nordic Flair Prize.

Roosa Toivonen, Head of Industry said the idea for the ‘Focus on Casting’ came from influential Nordic agent Laura Munsterhjelm [Actors in Scandinavia]. “In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in international interest and success among Nordic actors. Stars like Alicia Vikander, Noomi Rapace, Alexander Skarsgård, Pilou Asbæk and Rebecca Ferguson have become household names in Hollywood,” said the Finnish Film Affair team.

“There is also a growing community of managers and agents representing them in the Nordic region. We want to support this underserved community of professionals in the Nordics because we recognise the vast potential for more international work opportunities for Nordic actors. Further, the more our acting talent is recognised internationally, the more lucrative it is for the local industries to create internationally compelling films and TV shows starring them.”

Nordic Flair 2018 will include three key events:

  • Casting of 60 actors in front of 10 international casting agents to highlight their skills and boost their international career (September 26-27).

    Casting agents attending include Debbie McWilliams (who has worked on the last 13 James Bond films and the series Borgia and Angels & Demons among others), Anders Nygaard (The Bridge, Klown), Tusse Lande (The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared), Jeanette Klintberg (Becoming Astrid, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Catrin Wideryd (Ted, Show Me Love, Jordskott), Cornelia von Braun (City of War), Ellen Sofie Michelsen (Norsemen, Lilyhammer), Alex Johnson (Goodbye Christopher Robin), Leo Davis and Lissy Holm (Constant Gardener, The Queen).

  • Panel discussions on acting (September 27).  The first panel ‘Unveiling the casting process’, catering for producers, directors and actors’ needs, will comprise casting agents Tusse Landre, Debbie Mc Williams, Tim Corrie, Leo Davies and Laura Munsterhjelm.  

    The second ‘peer-to-peer’ all actors panel will bring together Norwegian actor Rune Tempte (Captain Marvel, Eddie the Eagle), Sweden’s Hanna Alström (Kingsman films The Secret Service and The Golden Circle), Swedish/Norwegian Amalia Holm (The Eternal Road), Sweden’s Edvin Endre (Vikings, Fortitude)and Finland’s Samuli Vauramo (The American, The Unknown Soldier).
  • The Nordic Flair Award to be handed out to actress Laura Birn (East of Sweden, The Bird Catcher)

The Nordic Flair programme is supported by Nordisk Film & TV Fond. 

The 7th Finnish Film Affair’s industry event will open on Tuesday 25th with the screening of Selma Villhunen’s Stupid Young Heart, winner of last year’s FFA Work in Progress Pitch Award in Helsinki.

A total of 28 new Finnish films (including 9 documentaries) will screen at the mini-market, and 27 films and documentaries - works in progress and works in development - will be pitched to the 80+ international guests and 200 Finnish professionals in attendance.

Among the Fiction works in progress to be pitched is Tuffi Films’ One-Off Incident, winner of the Best Co-Production Pitch award at Haugesund’s Norwegian Film Festival.

Another highlight at this year’s FFA is a focus on China, co-organised by Business Finland, which will bring together top global executives working with China, such as Jay Lin (Wanda Media/Gravity Pictures) and William Pfeiffer (Globalgate).

Here under is the full list of FFA Works in Progress 2018

Works in Progress

  • Diva of Finland (Silva Mysterium, dir. Marja K Mononen)
  • Time Out (Vegetarian Films, dir. Matti Kinnunen)
  • One-Off Incident (Tuffi Films, 13 directors attached)
  • Aurora (Dionysos Films, dir. Miia Tervo)
  • Siblings (Making Movies, dir. Saara Cantell)
  • Divine Consultants (Fiilin Good, dir. Juha Fiilin)
  • Maria’s Paradise (Komeetta, dir Zaida Bergroth)

Works in Development

  • Games People Play (Tuffi Films, dir. Jenni Toivoniemi)
  • The Twin (Don Films, dir. Taneli Mustonen)
  • Vinski and the Invisibility Powder (Snapper Films, dir. Juha Wuolijoki)
  • Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (Lanzadera Films, dir. Miguel Llansó)
  • Light Light Light (Lucy Loves Drama, dir. Inari Niemi)
  • Memory of Water (Bufo, dir. Saara Saarela)
  • The Oasis of Now (Aamu Film Company, dir. Hamy Ramezan)
  • Birds of a Feather (Silva Mysterium, dir. Hanna Bergroth)
  • Prayer (Greenlit Productions, dir. Ulrika Bengts)
  • My Sailor, My Love (Making Movies, dir. Klaus Härö)

Docs in Development

  • Future Remains (Parad, dir. Anna-Karin Grönroos)
  • The Happy Worker (Yellow Film & TV, dir. John Webster)

Docs in Progress

  • Magic Lives of V (Making Movies, dir. Tonislav Hristov)
  • Carnival Pilgrims (Ideasthetic, dir. Mika Mattila)
  • Club Colombia (Filmimaa, dir. Jenni Kivistö & Jussi Rastas)
  • Who Made You? (Guerilla Films, dir. Iiris Härmä)
  • School of Hope (Illume, dir. Mohamed El Aboudi)
  • Aalto (Euphoria Film, dir. Virpi Suutari)