German-born Richard Sammel has appeared in more than 100 productions such as the films Inglourious Basterds, 3 Days to Kill, Casino Royale, and the series The Strain created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. He joins Peacemaker’s lead actors Irina Björklund, Mikko Nousiainen, Louise Peterhoff and Kardo Razzazi.

The series is co-created by MRP Matila Röhr producer Johanna Enäsuo and scriptwriter Eriikka Etholen. The Eternal Road’s AJ Annila directs.  Sammel said: “To be part of a high end TV series like Peacemaker that focuses on the world of discrete diplomats trying to negotiate solutions for war mongering opponents is a highlight of my professional career and my social engagement. Peacemaker also shows the Shakespearean dimension of modern society where human interests all too often turn possible solutions into bloodbaths, families into graveyards - or find solutions even when the task seems hopeless.”

REinvent Studios’ Sales & Marketing Director Helene Aurø says Peacemaker has already garnered interest from international buyers. “With the excellent cast now attached, we are sure that the series will travel and will get a global audience”, she comments. 

The 10-part series is backed by the five Nordic public broadcasters Yle, DR, SVT, NRK and RÚV via Nordic 12. The premiere is set for the fall 2020.  After the Canary Islands, filming will move to mainland Spain and Turku, Finland.