Just Super, Helt super / PHOTO: Qvisten Animation

Isabella Eklöf, Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Teemu Nikki among fund recipients

In its October round of support, Nordisk Film & TV Fond has allocated NOK 7.6 million in production support to five feature films and one TV series.


  • Kalak
    Grant: NOK 1.6 million
    Recipient: Manna Film, Denmark
    Producer: Maria Møller Kjeldgaard
    Director: Isabella Eklöf
    Writers: Kim Leine Rasmussen, Sissel Dalsgaard Thomsen, Isabella Eklöf
    Domestic distribution: Scanbox
    Logline: Greenland in the 90’s. Jan, family father and nurse, is constantly on the run from himself after being sexually abused by his father as a teenager. Working in Nuuk, Greenland, he yearns to a part of the open, collectivist culture and basically tries to fuck his way inside. Based on a true story.

    The film received support from the Danish Film Institute, DR, the Swedish Film Institute, SVT, the Norwegian Film Institute, Netherlands Film Fund, Creative Europe, Government of Greenland, NAPA.
  • Just Super (Helt Super)
    Grant: NOK 1.2 million
    Recipient: Qvisten Animation, Norway
    Producer: Åshold Ramborg
    Director: Rasmus A. Sivertsen
    Writer: Kamilla Krogsveen
    Domestic distribution: Nordisk Film
    World sales: TrustNordisk
    Logline: Latest animation family film from the director of Louis & Lucas-The Big Cheese Race, Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond).
    11-year-old gaming enthusiast Hedvig finds her life turned upside down when she is forced to replace her father as the town's superhero. There is only one problem; Hedvig has absolutely no prerequisites to becoming a superhero.

    Just Super is a fun and warm-hearted story about believing in yourself and superheroes. The local premiere is set for September 2022.
  • Snot & Splash (Räkä ja Roiskis)
    Grant: NOK 1.2 million
    Recipient: It’s Alive Films, Finland
    Producers: Jani Pösö, Ari Matikainen
    Director: Teemu Nikki
    Writer: Ilja Rautsi
    Domestic distribution: Scanbox
    Logline: First family film from the director of The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic. In the small town of Mouthwater, odd things happen. All the holes, including the ice holes, are disappearing. Brothers Snot and Splash find out who is behind the mysterious hole thefts and save the world from collapsing into a black hole. The local premiere is scheduled for winter 2023.
  • Teddy’s Christmas (Teddybjørnens jul)
    Grant: NOK 1.6 million
    Recipient: Fantefilm, Norway
    Producer: Thea Benedikte Karlsen
    Director: Andrea Eckerbom
    Writers: Lars Gudmestad, Harald Rosenlow Eeg
    Domestic distribution: Nordisk Film
    Logline: After Forgotten Christmas, Andrea Eckerbom is preparing a new warm and heartfelt family film. Based on Alf Prøysen’s universe, it’s the story of the adventurous journey of a teddy bear, from the trophy shelf at the local Christmas Market and out into the world.

    Filming is currently under way until November 25, around Oslo, Drøbak and the old town of Fredrikstad. The local premiere is set for November 2022.

Isabella Eklöf, Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Teemu Nikki among fund recipients

Andrea Eckerbom / PHOTO: Hinda Fahre
  • The Hypnosis (Hypnosen)
    Grant: NOK 500,000
    Recipient: Garagefilm, Sweden
    Producer: Mimmi Spång
    Director: Ernst De Greer
    Writers: Ernst De Geer, Mads Stegger
    Domestic distribution: Scandinavian Film Distribution
    Logline: Vera (30) and André (30) are a couple who get the chance to pitch their startup business at a prestigious pitch competition. Right before the competition, Vera tries hypnotherapy to quit smoking, with an unexpected side effect: she loses all social inhibitions. André has a hard time dealing with this.

    Producer Mimmi Spånd said The Hypnosis “is an absurdly comical relationship film about fitting in, that ponders the question whether it’s really such a good idea to always be "yourself.“

    The film was co-produced by Film i Väst and Norway’s Mer Film, with co-financing from NRK, Yle, support from the Swedish Film Institute and the Norwegian Film Institute. Filming is due to start in March 2022, with a local release scheduled for 2023.

Isabella Eklöf, Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Teemu Nikki among fund recipients

Ernst De Geer / PHOTO: Jesper Brandt


  • 66 North Precinct (Pohjantahti)
    Format: 8x45’
    Grant: NOK 1.5 million
    Recipient: Yellow Film & TV
    Producer: Jackie Larkin
    Created by Olli Haikka with Timo Varpio and Olli Tola
    Main writer: Timo Varpio
    Director: Teppo Airaksinen
    TV Commissioning: Yle
    Logline: Character-led procedural crime series set in Lapland, the world’s largest police precinct. The protagonist Det Inspector Maria Kangas is an ex world champion boxer who with her partner Samu, solves true crimes all over the unforgiving and exotic Nordic landscape.

    The series is co-financed among others by Yle, SVT, DR, NRK, RÚV, Business Finland, Nordisk Film. Filming is due to start in December, with a premiere on Yle set for 2023.



  • NOK 50,000 in distribution support to Iceland’s Mydform for the release of the Norwegian animation film Christmas at Cattle Hill.
  • NOK 74,000 in distribution support to Denmark’s Øst for Paradis for the release of the Norwegian documentary A-ha-The Movie.
  • NOK 90,000 in distribution support to Sweden’s Smorgasbord Picture House for the release of the Danish documentary From the Wild Sea.
  • NOK 100,000 in distribution support to Denmark’s Filmbazar for the release of the Swedish documentary The Most Beautiful Boy in the World.
  • NOK125,000 in distribution support to Norway’s Europafilm for the release of the Icelandic film Mihkel.
  • NOK 135,000 in slate distribution support to Iceland’s Bíó Paradís (Heimili Kvikmyndanna) for the release of the Swedish family film Nelly Rapp-Monster Agent and Norwegian children’s film Casper & Emma at the Theatre.
  • NOK 200,000 in distribution support to SF Norge for the release in Norway of the Danish film Margrete-Queen of the North.


  • NOK 80,000 to Myndform, Iceland for the dubbing into Icelandic of the Norwegian film Christmas at Cattle Hill.
  • NOK 240,000 to SF Studios, Sweden for the dubbing into Danish, Finnish and Norwegian of the Norwegian animation film Christmas at Cattle Hill.

Industry Initiatives Support

  • NOK 150,000 to THIS 2021 - Aaarhus Series
  • NOK 70,000 to the European Film Promotion for their Film Sales Support 2021 initiative.