The show produced by Eyeworks’ Anna Wallmark Avelin is co-created by Malin Lagerlöf (Thicker than Water) and Stefan Thunberg (Wallander, Hamilton-in the Interest of the Nation). Lagerlöf is also co-writer with Niklas Rockström, Veronica Zacco and Anders Sparring. Behind the camera is seasoned TV director Erik Leijonborg (Maria Wern, Thicker than Water).

Rapace plays Richard, forced to abandon Sweden and his family after a spectacular bank robbery. Ten years later, he is living off petty crime in the back streets of Phuket, under a false identity. When his 15 year-old daughter heads out in search of her father, Richard is forced to choose between disclosing his identity, and risking his life- or losing his daughter again.

Rapace said: “I went straight for the part based of the father-daughter relationship that I hadn’t really seen before and I could recognise myself, for good and for worse.” Other key cast members include Louise Nyvall (), and Thai actor Yayaying Rhatha Phongam. 

Farang is yet another step in C More/TV4’s major bet on Swedish drama, with other shows including , and the upcoming crime series ) by Oscar-nominated Colin Nutley. 

Josefin Tengblad, Head of Drama at C More/TV4 said: “This thriller [] will really grip you, because of the emotional, fragile relationship between the father and his daughter he had to abandon, and at the same times it will be action packed.”

Farang will premiere on C More in 2017.