In its latest round of support, Nordisk Film & TV Fond has allocated production funding to the films Echo, My Dad Marianne and finance thriller series Blinded (Fartblinda).

November production support


  • Echo (Bergmál)
    Grant: NOK 650,000
    Recipient: Nimbus Film Iceland, Pegasus Pictures 
    Producers: Live R. Hide, Lilja Òsk Snorradóttir, Rúnar Rúnarsson
    Writer/Director: Rúnar Rúnarsson
    Premiere: 2019
    World Sales: Jour2Fête
    Echo received financing from RUV, Yle, Media Rental, Jour2Fête, support from the Icelandic Film Centre and Creative Europe. All Nordic territories pre-bought the film: Sena for Iceland, Øst for Paradis for Denmark, TriArt for Sweden, and Arthaus for Norway. Filming started on November 29 and will continue until January, as the story unfolds between the advent season of December 2018 until New Year’s Day 2019.

    The film is an echo from post-modern society, a contemporary mirror, where reality is captures, initiated and staged.

    Rúnarsson’s third film after the award-winning feature lengths Volcano and Sparrows, was selected for Cannes’ Cinéfondation Atelier 2018. Producer Live Hide says Echo is Rúnarsson’s first hybrid film, using elements both from fiction and non-fiction to “strengthen the film’s themes and stories, to engage the audience and challenge the viewers’ perception of what is real”.

    “At the same time, we believe Echo will express a strong sense of Rúnar’s signature authorship through his humanistic approach and poetic tone. We are convinced the film has the potential of becoming an outstanding and innovative film, which will leave a fresh mark in film history,” adds Hide.
  • My Dad Marianne (Min pappa Marianne)
    Grant: NOK 1,350,000
    Recipient: Avanti Film, Sweden
    Producer: Charlotta Denward
    Director: Mårten Klingberg
    Writers: Daniel Karlsson, Ida Kjellin, Cilla Jackert, loosely based on the book ‘My father Ann-Christine-the memory of a secret by Ester Roxberg
    Premiere: 2020
    The film is produced by Avanti Film, in co-production with Nordisk Film, SVT, Film i Väst and Nordsvensk Filmunderhållning. Filming is scheduled to start in the spring 2019 with a delivery late 2019/early 2020.

    Story: When Hanna’s beloved father - a priest with an impressive beard - tells her that his real name is Marianne, Hanna´s world falls apart. None of her courses in gender studies has prepared her for this, and she loathes Marianne for stealing her father from her. But for Daddy Marianne there is no return. She must be who she is, at last.

    Klingberg has directed several Beck TV dramas and the two feature films Offside (2005) and Cockpit (2011). Producer Charlotta Denward says My Dad Marianne will be “a feelgood comedy drama dealing with family issues and father/daughter relationship in a somewhat unusual way“. 


  • Blinded (Fartblinda)
    Format: 8x45’
    Grant: NOK 2,300,000
    Recipient: FLX TV
    Producers: Fatima Varhos, Jan Marnell, Pontus Edgren
    Concept director: Jens Jonsson
    Episodic director: Johan Lundin
    Head writer: Jesper Harrie
    Co-writers: Maria Karlsson, Jonas Bonnier
    Cast: Matias Varela, Julia Ragnarsson
    Premiere C More: 2019 World distribution: all3media International
    Blinded is produced by FLX for C More/TV4, in co-production with Stockholm-Mälardalen/Film Capital and UK-based group all3media, in association with DR, NRK and Yle. Filming in Riga started in October. The series is based on the book ‘Fartblinda’ by award-winning investigative journalist Carolina Neurath.

    The tense thriller set in Stockholm’s financial district is inspired by real events. While pursuing the next scoop, the young Swedish journalist Bea Farkas detects irregularities at ST Bank’s trading department. Her investigation will put a lot of people at great risk, in a world where status is everything and nobody is blameless. Blinded is a finance thriller set in the very heart of Stockholm’s Wall Street, where old money meets new money. It’s a world which affects us deeply every day yet most of us know very little about it. "We’re always been fascinated by the arena and believe it makes great drama,” said FLX partner and producer Pontus Edgren.

Distribution support

  • NOK 160,000 to Denmark’s Angel Film for the Icelandic film Ploey-You Never Fly Alone
  • NOK 80,000 to Norway’s Storytelling Media for the Danish film That Time of Year  
  • NOK 80,000 to Sweden’s Njutafilms for the Danish film That Time of Year

Dubbing support 

  • NOK 90,000 to Denmark’s Angel Film for the dubbing of the Icelandic film Ploey-You Never Fly Alone.