Exclusive: The two mini-series are produced by the sales company’s co-founding partners Anagram Productions and Helsinki filmi.

The Yellow Affair’s Head of Sales and Business Development Steve Bestwick who is attending this week's TV drama event Content London said: “We are very excited to present these two strong new TV series to buyers in the international marketplace. The Yellow Affair is very keen to represent a wide range of high-quality content in different formats, adapting to the speed of change in the industry.”

Previously known as Summer of 68, the 3x60’ Swedish period drama Sisters 1968 (Systrar 1968) is directed by Kristina Humle (Before We Die) based on a screenplay by Martina Bigert and Maria Thulin. Anagram’s Emma Åkesdotter Ronge and Martin Persson are producing for SVT, with support from Nordisk Film & TV Fond. 

The series tells of three women who manage to stir things up in a small community where people have barely heard of Paris’ May 68 movement. In the title roles are Mikaela Knapp, Maja Rung, Anna Åström, Jens Hultén and Livia Millhagen.
The mini-series will premiere on SVT December 25, 2018.

The 3x60 Finnish series The Activists (Aktivistit) produced by Helsinki-filmi for Yle is directed by Lauri Maijala (Gloriously Wasted) from Erik Söderblom’s screenplay. The period drama set in 1905, consists of three intertwining stories, a gangster flick, a spy thriller and a love story. Each story is linked to the assassination of the ruthless Russian general Nikolaj Bobrikov, Governor General of Finland. As Finnish people dream of independence, it’s a time of violence, sexual tensions and belief in the future. Key cast members include Pelle Heikkilä, Elmer Bäck, Pekka Strang and Jan Korander.