Special Initiatives

Currently Nordisk Film & TV Fond does not have any additional funding initiatives running. When announced you will find Guidelines, application information below.

Previous Special Initiatives include our additional distribution support schemes such as Digital Distribution Support, Recruited Audience Screenings and Nordic Film Marketing Support Scheme. These funding initiatives ran for a trial period of 3 years (out 2016). Based on our experience with these support schemes we integrated parts of them in our guidelines from 2017. See Apply for Funding for more info.

During the period 2009-2014 the Fund initiated several special initiatives under the High Five-umbrella. Those were:
  • High Five Cross Media Content for Kids (2010, 2012) - the vision was to create the best possible foundation for the production of quality transmedia content for Nordic children.
  • Nordic High Five (2009-2014) - a distribution slate support system granted specifically to theatrical distribution of Nordic films within the region, but outside the national country. Five Nordic distrbutors, one from each country, were included in this slate support.
  • High Five International Cinema Distribution support, hereunder High Five Toronto, (2009, 2010, 2011) - top-up financing for international cinema distribution of Nordic films.