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General information

Production Funding
Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s production funding may be applied for by production companies who are majority/delegate producers of the project and meets the conditions on our Guidelines point 2.1.
The film/TV-series/documentary must be:

  • Suited for cinema exhibition, TV distribution or for other type of distribution
  • Considered to have a significant audience potential primarily in the Nordic countries, and secondarily in the global market

The following must be confirmed:

  • National base funding
  • Significant financing from at least one of the Fund´s Partners
  • Distribution in a minimum of two Nordic countries

The application must be:

  • Submitted before production start
  • Submitted via our online application system
  • In English or a Scandinavian language (including all attachments)

The Fund does not contribute to the funding of a project that has been pre-sold for distribution in one or more Nordic countries to a TV company that is not one of the Other Financing Partners of the Fund. Exceptions can be made for projects where the TV company and Other Financing Partner(s) of the Fund share distribution rights. The rights must then be shared in all the Nordic countries where the TV company has pre-bought distribution rights.
By “TV Company” is meant providers of linear TV, SVOD, VOD etc.

Distribution (single film/slate) and Dubbing support
Nordic distributors of non-national Nordic films can apply for VOD or cinema distribution support for a single film, or slate funding for up to three films. In combination with slate-support it is possible to apply for extra funding to hire a marketing person to work with the release of the specific films. Nordic production companies, or the Nordic distributor in the country where the film will be released, can apply for dubbing support for cinema, VOD or TV release. To obtain support, the individual films must have been well received at home or have a significant audience potential within their target group, in one or more Nordic countries.

Film Cultural Initiatives
Organizers of initiatives such as workshops, seminars or festival programs that may strengthen the competence of the joint professional Nordic film and TV community may apply for support.

Strategic Development Support
The Fund can initiate strategic development support to cross-national and preferably cross-platform initiatives. The Fund will announce on our website when such initiative are initiated. Nordic Genre Boost is an example of this.

Guidelines and how to apply

Please read our Guidelines and Funding Policy before you apply for funding. The Guidelines (updated 1 January 2020) are available in the five Nordic languages and English. Note: The Norwegian guidelines are the original, all other versions are translations. In case of any inequalities the Norwegian edition applies.

We also recommend all applicants to read our Applying for support-guide before you start an application. You can also see the Check lists and the Frequently Asked Questions-section (FAQ) for advice on how to apply. Log in/register to apply.

Our Guidelines, Funding Policy, the Applying for support-guide and the Check lists are available under Downloads as PDF-documents.

To read PDF-documents, you will need Acrobat Reader. To download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to: www.adobe.com



What is the Fund's respons to funding recipients affected by the coronavirus?

Nordisk Film & TV Fond intends to be flexible where possible.
Supported cultural events that now are cancelled, will keep their support on the basis of final budget reports.
Films whose Nordic theatrical distribution the Fund has financed, will not lose their support, even if the distribution changes to online only.
Production shares will not be reclaimed if the distribution changes within our application guidelines.
In all cases the Fund needs to be updated on eventual changes. Contact your Project Advisor if you have any questions.

Do you have any application deadlines?

There are no specific application dates or deadlines to apply for funding from Nordisk Film & TV Fond. You can submit your application at any time, but in accordance with our Guidelines.

Who is allegeable to apply for production funding?

The applicant must be a production company which is residing in one of the five Nordic Countries, another EU/EEA member state or Switzerland, and must have documented experience in audiovisual production.

The production company/applicant must have established a business premise or equivalent in one of the five Nordic countries under applicable law. Further the applicant must meet the other conditions in our Guidelines point 2.1.

Is it possible to apply for production support when principal photography has started?

As a general rule, fiction-applications must be submitted complete before production starts. For documentary-applications exceptions can be made. Contact one of the Fund's Project Advisors before you apply if you are in doubt.

How long is your processing time?

Our normal processing time is 4-6 weeks from when the application is complete. Extra processing time must be excepted for applications approved less than 6 weeks before the Fund's summer holiday in July, or shortly before Christmas or Easter. Log in to see the status for your project.

What is the Fund's funding policy on sequels and returning seasons?

The Funds policy is to only grant funding to one film, or one season, in a series. Usually the opening season (or film), but if that has not been funded by us, it is possible to receive funding for a later season or film.

We have pre-sold our film project to a Nordic TV company that isn't one of Nordisk Film & TV Fond's partners, can we still apply?

The Fund does not contribute to the funding of a project that has been pre-sold for distribution in one or more Nordic countries to a TV company that is not one of the Other Financing Partners of the Fund. Exceptions can be made for projects where the TV company and Other Financing Partner(s) of the Fund share distribution rights. The rights must then be shared in all the Nordic countries where the TV company has pre-bought distribution rights.

For further information please see Guidelines pt. 1.3 and 2.1.

What is national base funding?

National base funding is defined as funding provided by sources in the main producerʼs home country, e.g. national film institutes / funds, regional film funds, the Fundʼs TV Partners and distributors.

How do I apply for funding?

To apply Nordisk Film & TV Fond for funding you have to read our Guidelinesregister for an account and/or log in to our a digital application system. Download our Applying for support-guide for complete instructions. Only applications submitted via our online application system will be accepted.

I have registered for an account, but can't log in. Why?

The account must be activated by us before you can log in. This will happen during the Fund’s office hours. When your account has been activated you’ll receive an auto message with login credentials. If you don't receive this auto message, please check your spam-filter before contacting us for advice on what to do.

Can our company have more than one account?

Yes, that is possible. Remember to register with the exact same VAT number to gain access to the applications registered previously.

Can our company fill in two or more applications at the same time?

Unfortunately not. You can only work on one application at the time in the application system. Once an application has been submitted, you can start on the next.

How do I save my application?

Your application is saved automatically when you go to the next or previous Step, or choose a link in the main menu at the top of the page within the application system.

How do I open a saved application? / I want to continue filling in my application, how do I do that?

To open a saved application log in and click “Open” under ”Send new application or continue a saved application”. Important; Do not choose category before clicking “Open”.

My attachments won't upload. Why?

All attachments must be one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, . xls, .xlsx, .txt, .pdf or .rtf. Other formats are not accepted. Name the file in accordance with its content. The title shouldn’t be too long, or contain signs like: ‘, “, &, #, ¨, (, ), / etc. Replace space with _. Make sure your attachments are according to these requirements.

The size of a file must not exceed 20MB. When you have reached the max limit of attachments for a field the Upload-button will disappear. If this happens, please contact your Project Manager/Advisor.

The same problem can occur if you are working on an older version of your browser. If this is the case, we recommend that you update to the newest version of your browser and try again. 

Note: there is limited support for document upload if you are using iPad or Google Chrome for Android. 

I've submitted my application, but want to add missing documents. Why can't I find it under "My projects"?

After clicking "Submit", you’ll receive an auto message confirming that your application is delivered. When the we have looked through and registered your application, you'll receive another auto message confirming this. It is not possible to update an application until it has been registered by the Fund.  

How do I update my application?

As soon as your application has been registered by the Fund it’s possible to update it. Make sure your attachments meet our requirements, (see FAQ - "My attachments won't  upload Why?"). Log in and then:

  1. If applicable, click on a message from us at the Start-page and follow the instructions, or
  2. Enter “My projects” in the top menu and choose the right application from the drop down menus. When the application appears, enter Step 3, 4 or 5 directly and upload your attachments (see the Checklist for "what goes where"). 

Remember to save and submit when you are done; go to another Step or click a link in the main menu at the top of the page in the application system to save, then submit on the last step.

Note: You may upload new attachments and add names, but not delete anything. The text and date fields are not editable, so please e-mail your Project Advisor any changes so we can do them for you.

I'm experiencing problems with my application. What to do?

If you experience problems close all other web sites than the application page, and/or try from a different browser (we recommend Safari or Firefox) or computer/tablet. Make sure you are working on an updated version of your browser.
We also refer to FAQ - "My attachments won't upload. Why?" for further advice.

How shall we credit the Fund?

Productions that have received funding shall credit the Fund. From the opening and/or closing credits, and other information material, it shall be evident that the film/series has been produced with the support of Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

Crediting shall be approved by the Fund (contact your Project Advisor) and shall appear on equal terms with the main national financier. Our logo is available for download here.

Do not translate our company name, it should always be written: Nordisk Film & TV Fond

I have received support from the Fund, how do I request an instalment?

First the contract must be signed by both parties. If you haven't received a contract, contact your Project Advisor/Manager.

When an instalment is ready to be invoiced, a message will automatically be sent to your e-mail and appear on the Start-page when you log in. In order for the Fund to make the payment you need to upload the documentation stated in your contract. To do so choose “Upload” by each message and upload the required documentation. 

The limit is one document per message. If you have more than one document to upload under the same message, please merge them into one file. We won't accept any documentation sent by e-mail or post (except BD and DVDs). 

Do you have any requirements for repayment?

Yes, the production support from the Fund is to be repaid. For further information please see Guidelines under General Conditions, 4. Recoupment.

Do I need a Nordic co-producer to be able to apply?

No, you do not need a Nordic co-producer. The Fund poses no special conditions regarding a common Nordic theme, economic spend or demands in regards to the mix of the artistic or technical staff.

Do you grant development funding?

Since 2013 the Fund only grants Strategic Development Funding, for more info see our Guidelines 1.1. 

Can I, as a Swedish distributor, apply for distribution support for a Swedish film being released in Sweden?

Unfortunately not. Only Nordic distributors of non-national Nordic films can apply for distribution support. For further information please see Guidelines under General Conditions 3.2 and Specific Conditions, 9 Funding for Film Distribution.

Application Process

When applying for funding from Nordisk Film & TV Fond you must use our digital application system. The application and all attachments must be in Scandinavian or English. When your application is submitted, our Project Manager and respective Project Advisor look through it before it is registered to see if it is complete. You will receive auto messages from our system confirming these stages. If any information is missing we will ask you to update your application.

Evaluation process and criteria
When the application is complete it will proceed to processing by the Fund's CEO (for Fiction projects, Distribution, Film Cultural Initiatives and Strategic Development) or the Documentary Advisor (Documentaries). They will evaluate the project in cooperation with respective Project Advisors.

Our Statutes, Guidelines and Funding Policy provide the Fund´s general framework.

We will make a comprehensive evaluation of the project on the basis of artistic- and audience-related criteria, as well as an evaluation of the project’s financial needs (production needs). Furthermore, it will be evaluated whether the economic conditions for the execution of the project are realistic, both in regard to production, marketing and distribution.

The Fund will normally assess a project only once. It is therefore recommended to apply with as complete script(s) and documentation, including distribution guarantees and marketing plans, as possible.

The Fund poses no special conditions regarding a common Nordic theme, economic spend or demands in regards to the mix of the artistic or technical staff.

The Fund will in particular prioritize projects that have children and youth as their target groups.

The Fund may seek advice from freelance consultants or readers.

Applications are evaluated on a continuous basis. Normal processing time is 4-6 weeks from when the application is complete. Extra processing time must be excepted for applications completed less than 6 weeks before the Fund's summer holiday in July, or shortly before Christmas or Easter.

The Fund's CEO signs the decisions and is responsible to the Board of Directors for them. A decision letter of granting or refusal will be sent digitally to the applicant. If funding is granted, the Letter of Commitment will contain the amount. Enclosed with it you will find a list of required documents and other obligations needed for drawing up the contract.

A refusal is the Fund's final decision. The Fund will rarely accept a second application for the same project. Exceptions can be made if significant changes in e.g. the Nordic distribution or in the main functions occur. In such cases the applicant must in writing argue the reasons for wanting to reapply. Upon this the Fund will evaluate if there are valid grounds for a reassessment. If so, the applicant may submit a new application.