Special Initiatives

Distribution boost Case studies and panel discussion on future distribution took place at FFA 23 September.

Distribution boost sessions at Finnish Film Affair
The industry event Finnish Film Affair took place 23-25 September in Helsinki as well as online. This year FFA strengthened its Nordic ties by highlighting emerging filmmaking and industry talent from the Nordic countries.

This year’s main conference theme was ‘The Future of Film Distribution in the Nordics’. It was organised in association with Nordisk Film & TV Fond. The first industry session on Wednesday September 23 included three sessions, moderated by Andrea Reuter: 

  • ‘Nordic Distribution Boost Case Studies’ with practical tips on marketing from development to theatrical release of films that took part in Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s former ‘Nordic Distribution Boost’ scheme.
  • ‘Streamers 01’, with an depth-overview from the UK’s Ampere Analysis of trends in streaming services around the world.
  • ‘Distribution in the Near Future’, with a panel of experts who discussed marketing and distribution models and possible ways to strengthen the Nordic industry.

Read our report on the case studies HERE and the panel discussion HERE.

The Fund’s CEO Liselott Forsman said the Fund has gathered very positive feedback on Nordic Distribution Boost and she is looking into new ways to support the distribution sector, notably through a new Distribution Boost, this time earmarked towards documentary films. Stay tuned for more information.

Commenting on Wednesday's overall distribution session put together by Finnish Film Affair, Forsman said: "The session was a dialogue opener to inspire future distribution boosts, and I am happy to say that the dialogue has continued after the session."

Currently Nordisk Film & TV Fond does not have any additional funding initiatives running. When announced Guidelines, Application information and Downloads will be available here.

See "Previous Events & Initatives" for info on our previous initiatives like Nordic Distribution Boost 2018-2019 and earlier initiatives like Nordic Genre Boost 2015-2017, additional distribution support schemes and the projects under the High Five-umbrella.