In 2014 Nordisk Film & TV Fond launched a trial period of four new and innovative distribution support schemes with an extra budget of more than NOK 3.5m which ran out 2016. The number of grants were in total for: 

2014: 8 projects of a total of NOK 964,500.
2015: 6 projects of a total of NOK 508,000.
2016: 8 projects of a total of NOK 336,750.

Based on the experiences some of the new schemes were in 2017 implemented into the regular distribution support program.

The schemes were:

Digital Distribution Support (DDS)
The aim of the new strategic programme was to improve the circulation of Nordic Films by reaching audiences through different platforms. The films supported could run on digital platforms (VoD, mobile phones etc) that served either as an addition to, or as an alternative to the traditional cinema release and broadcast television. Candidates had the rights to the Nordic films for which they were applying and a detailed release plan on digital platforms. The budget for the Digital Distribution Support was NOK 2 million. The support was not subject to reimbursement.

Recruited Audience Screening (RAS)
The purpose was to allow Nordic distributors to assess market potential of non-national Nordic films they considered licensing with a ‘mini’ Recruited Audience Screening (with funds dedicated to screening costs and if necessary local subtitling) via a single grant support of a maximum NOK 40,000. The support was not subject to reimbursement. 

Nordic Film Marketing Support Scheme (NFMSS)
This new scheme was specifically designed to help distributors hire and develop marketing specialists whose task would be to work exclusively on the theatrical and/or VOD release of 1 to 3 Nordic films for up to a one year period, with focus on social media and younger audiences. The Nordic Film Marketing Support was intended to complement the Fund’s existing distribution and slate support. The budget for the Nordic Film Marketing Support Scheme was NOK 1 million. 

For more information see the Guidelines and Checklists under Press Kit. In addition our Exhibitors’ Road Show travelled to Finland, Sweden and Norway to introduce the Fund and present a showreel of Nordic films available for distribution.