The epic WW2 Norwegian drama which world premiere at Canneseries last night was sold by Beta Film to multiple territories.

Beta Film which acted as co-producer and global distributor, has secured deals with Italy’s RAI, Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta TV for Germany and Austria, France’ Chérie 25, Russia (, the Australian public broadcaster SBS, Greece and Cyprus (Forthnet) and Lithuania (LRT).

The eight-part series is one of the most ambitious Nordic TV dramas ever made, produced by Cinenord for NRK, with support among others from Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

The show was created and directed by Alexander Eik for Cinenord, who co-wrote it with Linda May Kallestein (Wisting).

Sofia Helin plays Norwegian Crown Princess Märtha who fled from the Nazi occupation in Norway during WW2 to become a key figure in world politics. Temporarily living in the White House with her children, she tries to persuade President Franklin D. Roosevelt (played by Kyle LacLachlan) to enter the war.

The series is competing this week at Canneseries. Alexander Eik was present on the red carpet of the Lumiere Theatre in Cannes, together with Cinenord producer Silje Hopland Eik and their daughters, the young actresses Amathea Eik and Leonora Eik who play Princess Astrid and Princess Ragnhild respectively. The series will be first broadcast on NRK on October 26, 2020.

Watch out for our interviews with Sofia Helin and Alexander Eik.