After Norway where the film sold more than 254,000 tickets, making it the third biggest local success of 2019, the famous Norwegian fictitious pirate based on Terje Formoe’s plays from the 1990s, pursues his Nordic conquest.

The film is set to open June 5 in Iceland via Myndform, while Nordisk Film has lined up a June 18 release in Denmark, a pre-launch June 5 and official launch June 26 in Sweden. 

According to producer Heidi Sandberg of Qvisten Animation, the character of Captain Sabertooth is well known especially in Sweden where SVT ran a TV series and the live action film Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama (2014) was released nationwide in Swedish cinemas. In Denmark the character is known mostly through books. 

“The film was originally lined up for a May release in Sweden and Denmark, then because of Covid-19, the launch in those territories was delayed", explains Sandberg. “We then thought that cinemas would not open before the summer and planned a cinema release in August. When we heard of a possible release in June, Nordisk Film quickly prepared for a launch, knowing that cinemas need new titles. Hopefully the audience will be convinced that going to the cinema is safe,” she said. 

The NOK 45m (€4.1m) film received NOK 2.7 million production support from Nordisk Film & TV Fond as well as a total of NOK 595,000 distribution support and an extra NOK 370,000 in dubbing support for the film’s release in Iceland, Sweden and Denmark.

“The support from Nordisk Film & TV Fond made a huge difference in our financing structure and made us focus more on the Nordic countries,” said Sandberg. “Captain Sabertooth is well known in Sweden and we knew we wanted a cinema release there, but without the support from the Fund, the film may not have reached Danish cinemas,” she notes, adding: “Support for dubbing helped reduce the financial risk during distribution as dubbing for theatrical release is a huge expense due to the technical requirements. The dubbing support also allowed the film to cross borders between neighbouring Nordic countries.”

The film has also been a success internationally, with Sola Media having closed 50 countries so far. “This proves that Qvisten is able to make high quality films that can compete with international animation blockbusters, and we are proud of our team in Oslo,” noted Sandberg.  The film was released in Russia in February and is available since May 18 in the UK on DVD and VOD via Signature Entertainment.