The Finnish spotlight is held in cooperation with the networking hub for Finnish animation producers Finnanimation.

“Spotlight is so far the biggest effort we do since we founded Finnanimation in 2005, said executive director Liisa Vähäkylä. As series have become the main activity for Finnish animation creators, instead of features or short films, we felt Cartoon Forum was the ideal partner. “

Three Finnish animated series for pre-school kids will be presented in Toulouse:

  • Momolu & Friends (52x7’). 2D computer. Produced by Ferly Entertainment, the series follows Momolu, a gentle, unassuming panda who has a knack of stumbling into situations requiring his help. 
  • One thousand and One Animals (52x11’). 2D computer/cross-media. Produced by Haruworks. Every day 6 year-old Alyssa Jones steps through her tablet screen into a wild, wild world. Helped by her animal crew, she sends reports to her loyal viewers. 
  • Harry & Beep Summer Season (52x11’). 3D computer. Produced by Ink & Light Finland in co-production with Ink & Light Ireland.  It’s the story of two Penguin brothers whose world is rocked when their mum travels south with female penguins, leaving them alone with their absent-minded dad. 

Ink & Light Finland & Ireland has also been picked for the annual Cartoon Tributes’ ‘Producer of the Year’ award alongside Folimage France, Akkord Film Produktion Germany, Ánima Kitchen Media Spain, and The Illuminated Film Company in the UK.

Meanwhile Finnish pubcaster Yle is nominated for the Cartoon Tribute ‘Broadcaster of the year’ award, together with Netflix US, TF1 Unité Jeunesse in France, Deakids in Italy and Hopster in the UK. Cartoon Forum Tribute winners will be announced September 13.

Three other Nordic projects will be pitched at Cartoon Forum: 

  • Paradise Valley (52x11’). From Iceland for 6-11 kids, 3D computer. Produced by GunHill (Ploey You Never Fly Alone). In a remote secret valley is a safe haven for a bunch of misfit animals that all have narrowly escaped enemies occupying their land. The paradise Valley’s balanced world is disrupted by the presence of a cute but also dangerous wolverine.
  • Little Grey Wolf (26X5’). From Norway, pre-school, 2D computer/drawing/painting/cut out/cross media. Produced by Ulvenfilm. Little Grey Wolfy and his friends teach kids to be creative and to see the unusual in the very simple everyday things.
  • The Huggingtons (52X3’). From Norway, 2D computer/cross-media. Produced by Klipp & Lim, in co-production with Canada’s Muse Entertainment. The series models resilience through high adventure, whimsical comedy and hugs.

A total of 83 projects from 22 countries will be pitched to around 950 producers, investors, distributors in Toulouse.