Five TV series and three feature films receive funding

18 MARCH 2021

HAMILTON S2, Nina Zanjani, Jakob Oftebro / PHOTO: Alexander Krispin

In its February round of support, Nordisk Film & TV Fond has granted a total of NOK 13.7 million in production support to eight projects.


Feature films

  • Sick of Myself
    Grant: NOK1.2 million
    Recipient: Oslo Pictures, Norway
    Producers: Andrea Berentsen Ottmar, Dyveke Bjørkly Graver
    Director: Kristoffer Borgli
    Scriptwriter: Kristoffer Borgli
    Domestic distribution: Scandinavian Film Distribution
    Logline: Sick of Myself is a comedic story about a spoiled young woman who chemically induces an illness and lies her way to the top of the modelling industry.
    Borgli’s sophomore feature after the hybrid festival hit Drib, is co-produced by Sweden’s Garagefilm, Film i Väst, with co-financing so far from NRK, Storyline, Scandinavian Film Distribution, support from the Norwegian Film Institute, Creative Europe. Filming is set to start in the summer 2021

Five TV series and three feature films receive funding

Sick of Myself, Kristoffer Borgli / PHOTO: Oslo Pictures
  • A Happy Day
    Grant: NOK 1 million
    Recipient: Snowfall Cinema, Norway
    Producer: Hisham Zaman
    Director: Hisham Zaman
    Scriptwriter: Hisham Zaman
    Domestic distribution: Scandinavian Film Distribution
    Logline: Three friends are isolated at an asylum centre in north of Norway. To avoid being sent out of the country, they plan an escape and make a pact to stick together, no matter what happens. But when one of them falls in love, their plans begin to unravel.

    Zaman’s third feature film after Before Snowfall and Letter to the King will be his most ambitious project to date. Beyond the universal them of aspiring for a better life, the strong visual style will derive from the dramatic snowy landscape of Northern Norway and mix of magic realism. “Ultimately the film is about love, friendship and dignity,” said the director. A Happy Day is co-produced by seasoned producer and associate producer Turid Øversveen of Take1, with Rein Film in Norway, Cinenic in Sweden, Zentropa in Denmark, co-financing from NRK, Filmcamp, Fritt Ord, Scandinavian Film Distribution, support from the Norwegian Film Institute, Nord Norsk Film Fond.

  • For Life (Resten af livet)
    Grant: NOK 1 million
    Recipient: Zentropa, Denmark
    Producer: Jonas Bagger
    Director: Frelle Petersen
    Scriptwriter: Frelle Petersen
    Cast: Jette Søndergaard, Mette Munk Plum, Ole Sørensen, Lasse Lorenzen
    Domestic distribution: Nordisk Film Distribution
    Logline: For Life (working title) is a warm, subtle, and sometimes humorous story about a family that has to reconstitute itself after a tragic death.
    For Life is the director’s second film in his trilogy about his native Southern Jutland after his award-winning feature Uncle. The film is being co-financed by Xee in Denmark, TV 2 Denmark, TV 2 Norge, Norway’s Mer Film Distribution, Tønder Municipality, Nordisk Film Distribution, with support from the Danish Film Institute, the West Danish Film Fund. The Danish premiere is set for early 2022.

Five TV series and three feature films receive funding

For Life, Resten af livet / PHOTO: Rolf Konow

TV Series

  • Agent Hamilton season 2 (Hamilton 2)
    Format: 4x90’
    Grant: NOK 2.5 million
    Recipient: Dramacorp Pampas Studios, Sweden
    Producer: Renée Axö
    Head-writer: Fredrik T. Olsson; episode writers are Alexander Kantsjö, Per Hanefjord, Morgan Jensen, Katarina Ewers
    Concept director: Erik Leijonborg; co-director Per Hanefjord
    Cast: Jakob Oftebro, Katja Winter, Nina Zanjani, Jörgen Thorsson, Annika Hallin
    Commissioning broadcaster: C More/TV4
    Global distribution: Beta Film
    Logline: Swedish spy Carl Hamilton based on the celebrated agent created by novelist Jan Guillou, is back! In each of the four closed episodes, Hamilton will dive into a new mission with his team. Describing the plot, Leijonborg says “Hamilton is still torn between the life-threatening life as an agent and the life he is building at home with his girlfriend Sonja, who also has his ambitions and thoughts about their life together.“ The action series is executive produced by C More/TV4’s Petra Ahlin, with production partner ZDF and co-financing from Filmpool Nord. Filming is due to start this summer. The premiere is set for 2022.

  • Karen
    Grant: NOK2.5 million
    Recipient: Zentropa, Denmark
    Producers: Karoline Leth, Marie Gade Denessen
    Details to be unveiled at a later date.

  • The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti
    Format: 52x11’-2D animation
    Grant: NOK 2 million
    Recipient: Gigglebug Entertainment, Finland
    Producer: Anttu Harlin
    Head-writers: Reid Harrison, Baljeet Rai
    Director: Joonas Utti
    Commissioning broadcasters: Yle, Disney EMEA
    Global distribution: Zodiak Kids
    Logline: Off-beat comedy series about the unexpected adventures of an unlikely trio of friends: a city boy, a local girl and an outcast monster, in a quirky little town above the Arctic Circle, where it’s winter all-year-round.

    Joonas Utti & Anttu Harlin co-created the animated series with Zodiak Kids Studio France and Disney EMEA for Yle and Disney EMEA. The show is co-financed by NRK, DR, SVT, Iceland’s streaming service Síminn, with support from the Finnish Film Foundation and Creative Europe. Harlin said the show about friendship, was inspired by Utti’s own experience of growing up in rural small-town Finland. “When Joonas was 12, his family hosted a Costa Rican exchange student. He did not fit the mould but coloured life with vibrance! Their friendship opened young Joonas’ eyes to experiences he only dreamed of they’ve remained best friends”

Five TV series and three feature films receive funding

The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti / PHOTO: Gigglebug Entertainment
  • Monster Loving Maniacs
    Format: 51x11’-Animation
    Grant: NOK 2 million
    Recipient: Ja Film, Denmark
    Producers: Maria Stokholm Wernicke, Anders Berthelsen, Raphaële Ingberg, Mark Denessen
    Director: Rune Christensen
    Commissioning broadcaster: DR
    Logline: Three kids are trained as monster hunters by their tough old grandfather. There is just one problem. These kids are massive horror fans. Why would they want to hunt their monster idols?

    The 2D animated series for kids 6-9 is based on an original idea by Ja Film co-founders Anders Berthelsen and Rune Christensen. The humorous show deals with bigger themes, like families, relationships, coping with fears, all delivered with wit and energy. The series is being co-produced by Italy’s Mondo TV, Belgium’s Ginger Pictures and Belvision, with support from Wallimage, Nordvision, Creative Europe Development, the West Danish Film Fund, Nordvision. Pre-sales were closed by Toon2Tango with Super RTL, SVT, NRK. The show is due to premiere on DR Ramasjang and Super RTL in the spring 2023.

Five TV series and three feature films receive funding

Monster Loving Maniacs / PHOTO: Ja Film
  • Tulipop Tales
    Format: 13x7’
    Grant: NOK 1.5 million
    Recipient: Tulipop Studios, Iceland
    Producer: Helga Árnadóttir
    Director: Sigvaldi J. Kárason
    Commissioning broadcaster: Síminn
    Logline: Tulipop Tales is an animated series about a diverse group of friends living on a unique island called Tulipop. Each episode is an adventure for the Tulipoppers where they learn about themselves and the island. Details soon to be unveiled.

Five TV series and three feature films receive funding

Tulipop Series / PHOTO: Tulipop Studios


  • NOK 700,000 in slate support to Mer Filmdistribusjon for the Norwegian release of the Finnish family film Sihja by Marja Pyykkö, Swedish animated The Ape Star by Linda Hambäck and Danish docu-animated Flee by Jonas Poher Rasmussen.
  • NOK 150,000 in slate support to Folkets Bio for the release in Sweden of the Norwegian films Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers by Silje Salomonsen, Arild Østin Ommundsen and the documentary Gunda by Viktor Kossakovsky.
  • NOK 28,000 in dubbing to Denmark’s True Content Entertainment for the dubbing in Danish of the Norwegian animated film Two Buddies and a Badger-The Great Big Beast.


  • NOK 300,000 to Föreningen M:brane Financing forum for kids content
  • NOK 550,000 to the Norwegian International Film Festival for New Nordic Films 2021.