The €4m project set to star an A-list cast is currently in development. The project is based on a script by Jimmy Karlsson and Kirsi Vikman, screenwriters of Harö’s multi-awarded Mother of Mine.

An old sea captain returns to his hometown in order to settle down for the rest of his days. He finds love again with his long gone high school sweetheart but his adult children react badly as they would want their father for themselves, after spending so many years out at sea. They bring their father to an old age home and drive his new love out of the house, forcing the old and helpless couple to meet in secret.

Härö told “Many films feature love stories with young adults, but it’s quite rare to find love stories between elderly people. When you’re 50+, you can experience the same emotions, but at the same time your life experience adds layers and complexity to the storyline."

My Sailor, My love will be my most emotional film since Mother of Mine. It has a timeless and universal story that has the potential to reach a wide audience, in particular the mature audience watching my films and arthouse films in general, and making it in the English language will hopefully contribute to reaching out to as many people as possible.”

Härö adds: “I have already made two films with the producers of Making Movies - The Fencer and One Last Deal that have been well received internationally. We all feel that it’s the right time to make that extra leap into the English language.”

The director said it’s too early to name potential starring roles, but he hopes to sign with ‘really strong actors who can bring empathy and portray the lovely and not so lovely sides of growing old’.

Härö and Making Movies producers Kaarle Aho and Kai Nordberg where at Helsinki’s Finnish Film Affair this week where they pitched My Sailor, My Love to potential co-financiers and distributors. The expected delivery is release is set for 2020.

Härö’s current film One Last Deal had a successful world premiered at Toronto and LevelK has closed several deals with territories including Japan (New Select), Australia/New Zealand (Rialto), Brazil (Cineart Filmes) and Taiwan (Swallow Wings), with several other key territories in negotiations. The film supported by Nordisk Film & TV Fond will open in Finland in January 2019.