The world-class Danish directors are attached respectively to the crime film The Marco Effect and TV series Those Who Kill season 2, both supported last month by Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

Feature film support 

  • The Marco Effect
    Grant: NOK 2.5 million
    Recipient: Nordisk Film Production, Denmark
    Producer: Mikael Rieks
    Writers: Anders August, Thomas Porsager
    Director: Martin Zandvliet
    Cast: Ulrich Thomsen, Sofie Torp, Zaki Youssef
    Distribution: Nordisk Film
    World sales : TrustNordisk
    Story: When a homeless gypsy boy named Marco is arrested with a missing suspectedpædophilia's passport, it's the start of a new investigation for Carl Mørck and his Department Q team. They soon discover that Marco is key to uncovering a story of multinational corruption within foreign aid.

    Based on Jussi Adler-Olsen's fifth book in the Department Q series, The Marco Effect is the first of six new films in the crime installation. 

TV Series support 

  • Blinded: Those Who Kill season 2 (Den som Dræber S2 )
    Format: 8x45 '
    Grant: NOK 2.5 million
    Recipient: Miso Film Denmark
    Producers: Jonas Allen and Peter Bose
    Head-writer: Ina Bruhn
    Cast: Natalie Madueño, Tobias Santelmann, Helle Fagralid
    TV Commissioner: Viaplay
    World sales: Fremantle
    Story: Natalie Madueño reprises her role as profiler Louise Bergstein who delves into a new case involving the death of four young men. She sees a pattern, but overlooks that she may have a personal connection to the killer, who turns out to be more intelligent and cynical than she dares to imagine.

    The previous series Darkness-Those Who Kill(reboot of Miso Film's 2011 series) was the most successful Viaplay series when it launched across the Nordics early 2019. It was picked up by BBC, Arte France, SBS (Australia / New Zealand) and Lumiere (Benelux) among others.

Distribution support

  • NOK 370,000 slate distribution support to Fidalgo, Norway for a three-film package including My Father Marianne and Breaking Surface
  • NOK 250,000 to Nordisk Film for the release in Denmark of the Norwegian animated film Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond 
  • NOK 200,000 to SF Norge for the release in Norway of the Swedish film About Endlessness  
  • NOK 200,000 to Scanbox for the release in Sweden of the Norwegian animated film Ella Bella Bingo 
  • NOK 160,000 to Nordisk Film for the release in Norway of the Danish comedy Klown 3  The Final 
  • NOK 85,000 to LevelK for the VOD distribution and event release in Sweden of the Danish documentary Fat Front

Dubbing support

  • NOK 270,000 to SF Studios Sweden for the dubbing in Danish, Finnish and Norwegian languages of the Swedish animation film Pelle-No-Tail 
  • NOK 120,000 to Nordisk Film Distribution for the dubbing in Danish of the Norwegian animated film Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond 
  • NOK 90,000 to SF Studios Sweden for the dubbing in Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish languages of the Danish animation film Dreambuilders. 

Film Cultural Initiatives Support 

  • NOK 320,000 to CPH Industry 2020 
  • NOK 280,000 to M: Brane The Forum, Sweden 
  • NOK 90,000 to Stockfish Film Festival & Industry Days, Reykjavik