Top Finnish directors Klaus Härö, Timo Vuorensola, Arto Halonen and Selma Vilhunen will pitch their latest works at the 6th Finnish Film Affair. 

The 300+ guests who attend each year the industry sidebar of the Helsinki Film Festival-Love & Anarchy will be invited to sneak previews of Vuorensola’s Iron Sky-The Coming Race, Halonen’s The Guardian Angel (both in postproduction), and early presentations of Vilhunen’s Stupid Young Heart and Härö’s Dark Christ.

A total of ten works in progress will be pitched at the Finnish Film Affair (September 19-21), on top of ten projects in development and 15 completed Finnish films.

Anna Möttölä, who replaces Sara Nordberg at the Head of the Helsinki Film Festival said she is thrilled by the success and quality of films coming out of Finland: “It is such an exciting time in Finnish cinema. Our films and filmmakers are getting more international recognition year after year and Finnish Film Affair’s role in that has become increasingly important." A former film critic at Helsingin Sanomat, Möttölä joined the Helsinki Festival in March after three years spent at the National Audiovisual Institute. She will supervise the festival’s 30th anniversary celebrations from September 14-24, 2017.