Nordisk Film & TV Fond has granted production support to new films by Amanda Kernell, Ole Christian Madsen, Mikael Håfström, and TV dramas by Marja Pyykkö, Milad Alami, and Henrik Ruben Genz.

Full list of October support.


The Perfect Patient (Quick)
Grant: NOK2,350,000
Recipient: Bacademy (Brain Academy), Sweden
Producer: Helena Danielsson
Director: Mikael Håfström
Writer: Erlend Loe
Cast: David Dencik, Jonas Karlsson, Alba August, Linda Ulvaeus, Suzanne Reuter
Swedish premiere: fall/winter 2019, Nordisk Film
World sales: TrustNordisk

The Swedish film is co-produced by Film i Väst, Paradox Film Norway, Umedia, Belgium, Nordisk Film and TV4. Filming is underway.

Inspired by a true story of the infamous Thomas Quick case in Sweden, the psychological thriller tells of Sweden’s greatest judicial scandal ever. The central character is journalist Hannes Råstam (Jonas Karlsson) determined to prove the innocence of self-proclaimed serial killer Thomas Quick (David Dencik), and unmask the legal chaos which sentenced Quick to a life in psychiatric prison. 

“We have great expectations for the film, said producer Helena Danielsson. “The script by Erlend Loe is nerve-wracking and we have amazing talents in front of and behind the camera. Mikael Håfström directs his first Swedish feature film in 15 years, which is big news in itself. Together we will examine one of the most significant events in the history of Sweden’s legal system through the eyes of some of Sweden's most prominent journalists, Hannes Råstam and his researcher Jenny Küttim.”

Charter (working title) 
Grant: NOK2,200,000 
Recipient: Nordisk Film Production Sweden 
Producer: Lars G. Lindström 
Writer/Director Amanda Kernell 
Swedish premiere: 2020, Nordisk Film 

The Swedish film is co-produced by Nordisk Film Production Norway and Nordisk Film Production Denmark, with co-financing from SVT, Filmpool Nord, Film i Västerbotten, Canary Island Tax scheme, support from the Swedish Film Institute, the Danish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Institute and Eurimages.
Filming in Northern Sweden and the Canary Islands will start late January 2019.

Charter is a contemporary drama about Alice (40) who finds out that she will lose the custody battle over her two children. She decides to abduct them and take them on a Charter trip, as a last attempt to win them back. Lindström said: “I think the film will raise a debate around custody and ask how far, as a parent, you are prepared to go to avoid losing your children. This debate will most probably concern both the legal aspects and how custody cases are perceived by society, in the case of Alice, single parenthood and her private system of values.”

Grant: NOK1,650,000
Recipient: Creative Alliance Denmark
Producer: Malene Blenkov, Karen Kristensen
Director: Ole Christian Madsen
Writers: Ole Christian Madsen, Lars K. Andersen
Danish premiere: late 2019, SF Studios

The Danish film is co-produced by Norway’s 4½ Fiksjon, SF Studios, with support from the Danish Film institute and DR.

The director of Superclásico and Flame & Citron who spent five years in the US for the TV show Banshee, returns to Denmark for Notat, the first film to tackle the 2015 Copenhagen terrorist attack.

Story: Notat is a feature film based on the real events of the first act of terror in Denmark.
Copenhagen, Feburary 14, 2015. On an icy cold winter's day, a terrorist attack is carried out, targeting first an event on freedom of speech at the cultural centre “Krudttønden” and then the synagogue of Copenhagen during a bat mitzvah.


DNA (4x42’)
Grant: NOK 3,200,000 Recipient: Nordisk Film Production A/S
Producers: Trin Hjortkjær Thomsen, Sven Clausen, Tomas Radoor,
Concept director: Henrik Ruben Genz
Episodic director: Søren Balle
Creator/Head writer: Torleif Hoppe Episodic writer: Nanna Westh
Premiere TV2 Denmark: September 2019
The Danish thriller series from seasoned writer Torleif Hoppe (The Killing, The Bridge) is produced for TV2 Denmark, with co-financing from ARTE, Eyeworks Scandi Fiction, with support from the Danish Film Institute’s Public Service Fund. Filming is set to start February 2019.

DNA is a character driven thriller series about Rolf - once a respected criminal investigator at the CPH Police, who lost his daughter in a tragic accident. Rolf is devastated from grief, but soon it turns out that the National DNA register has a system failure. New information brings him hope that his daughter might be alive, and an unauthorised investigation leads Rolf on the trail of a case of illegal child trafficking for adoption.

Trin Hjortkjær Thomsen said: “DNA is a character-driven crime thriller, rooted into the contemporary European context. It’s also a human story – and not just Rolf’s, which drives the investigation and is our entry point into the series broader themes. If trafficking is a trade, DNA explores what happens to people who, from all ends (supply in Poland and Denmark, demand in France, and elsewhere along the illegal trade route), get unwittingly and sometimes indirectly caught into it. The individual character storylines are all loosely connected to the same thematic. From a more emotional and empathetic angle, they explore contemporary notions of family – legal, genetic, de facto, imagined... – at a time when those notions are changing, raising new ethical, emotional and philosophical questions."

Paradise (8x50’) 
Grant: NOK 1,850,000 
Recipient: MRP Matila Röhr Productions
Producer: Marko Röhr 
Concept director: Marja Pyykkö 
Head writer: Matti Laine
Premiere Yle: fall 2019
Paradise is produced by Yle and Spain’s Mediapro Group. Filming in Oulu, Finland is underway.

Story: The crime drama is set in Fuengirola on Spain’s Costa del Sol, also known as little Finland due to the large community of Finns, living far away from home but sticking to their traditions. The main character, a police woman in her 60s, whose husband has Alzheimer, is investigating the case of a missing family.
Ran Tellem, Mediapro’s Head of International Development and Emmy-award winner (Homeland) said: “Paradise is about memory, people who want to forget the past and move on, and those who cannot forget, or remember.”

When the Dust Settles (10x58’)
Grant: NOK1,500,000
Recipient: DR Drama
Producer: Stina Lassen
Concept director: Milad Alami
Creators/head writers: Ida Maria Ryden, Dorthe Høgh
Premiere DR: January 1st, 2020.   The Danish thriller series is co-financed by SVT, NRK, Yle, RUV. Filming starts November 26.

When the Dust Settles follows a handful of people before and after a terrorist attack at a Copenhagen restaurant. We see how their lives and fates interweave throughout the season.

Stina Lassen who has collaborated with Milad Alami on his film The Charmer says When the Dust Settles is unique as ‘the first ever Danish multi-plot drama’. “The series portrays the lives of eight Copenhagen citizens, during the days before and after a tragic terrorist attack shocks the city. The series for once does not focus on the crime and the investigation but on people’s fates that are connected because of the violent incident.”


  • NOK200,000 to Norsk Filmdistribusjon, Norway for the release of Santa’s Daughter
  • NOK180,000 to Nordisk Film, Finland for the release of U-July 22 
  • NOK135,000 to Njutafilms, Sweden for the release of Ploey-You Never Fly Alone 
  • NOK125,000 to Camera Film for the release of Reconstructing Utøya 
  • NOK110,000 to Atlantic Film, Finland for the release of The Quake 
  • NOK100,000 to Kontxt Film, Norway for the release of Next Door Spy 
  • NOK80,000 to TriArt, Sweden for the release of Holiday


  • NOK100,000 to Norsk Filmdistribusjon for Santas’ Daughter
  • NOK70,000 to Njutafilms, Sweden for Ploey-You Never Fly Alone


  • NOK90,000 to Sparre Production for the ‘Nordic Technical Directors’ Forum (Helsinki, November 14-17) 
  • NOK50,000 to Norsk Animasjonsforum for the Nordic Animation Forum, Fredrikstad.