After Queen of Hearts, the Danish actress will tackle the role of Queen Margrete I in Charlotte Sieling’s epic drama set to start filming March 2 for SF Studios.

SF Studios will handle the distribution in the Nordics, with REinvent Studios handling international sales. 

In the film, Dyrholm play the illustrious Queen Margrete I who has gathered Denmark, Norway and Sweden into a peaceful union in 1402, which she single-handedly rules through her young adopted son Erik. To protect the union and secure its status as an emerging European power, Margrete wants to secure an alliance with England through a marriage between Erik and an English princess, but a breathtaking conspiracy threatens to tear Margrete and her beliefs apart.

The established Danish director Charlotte Sieling (The Bridge, The Killing, The Man) who co-wrote the script with Jesper Fink (Before the Frost) and Maya Ilsøe (The Legacy) said: "Margrete I was an impressive woman and I want to tell her story, as it has, surprisingly, remained untold on screen. I will give her a voice and tell the story about one of Europe's strongest rulers. The woman who created the Kalmar Union, a union between Denmark, Norway and Sweden, that was to last for 126 years and the woman who ruled despite and not because of her gender.” Sieling continues: “Margrete-Queen of the North is a modern portrait of a woman whose challenges were, despite a 600 year time gap, not all that different from those which women are struggling with today: career, family, motherhood. The film will show what price Margrete I had to pay to be an incomparable leader.”

Besides Dyrholm, the stellar ensemble Nordic cast comprises Søren Malling (A Hijacking, Warrior), Morten Hee Andersen (Deliver Us, Ride Upon the Storm), Jakob Oftebro (Agent Hamilton, Kon-Tiki), Bjørn Floberg (Out Stealing Horses), Suzanne Reuter (The Restaurant, Young Hamilton), Simon J. Berger (Exit), Magnus Krepper (Queen of Hearts), Thomas W. Gabrielsson (A Royal Affair) and Richard Sammel (Inglorious Basterds, The Head).  Top crew members include cinematographer Rasmus Videbæk (Out Stealing Horses), production designer Søren Schwartzberg (Before the Frost, Department Q-A Conspiracy of Faith) and costume designer Manon Rasmussen (The Hunt, Melancholia). 

The film was produced by Birgitte Skov and Lars Bredo Rahbek of SF Studios with co-producer Jon Nohrstedt, in co-production with Norway’s Filmkameratene, the Czech Republic’s Sirena Film, with support from the Danish Film Institute, the Swedish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Institute, Czech Film Fund, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Eurimages, TV2 Denmark, TV4 Sweden, NRK and the EU Programme’s Creative Europe. 

The theatrical release is set for the first half 2021.