COVID-19 Updates

26 JUNE 2020

NFTVFs Office / PHOTO: NFTVF, Birgit Solhaug

Nordisk Film & TV Fond's action plan to support the local film and TV industries and easy access to all our coronavirus related news.

To provide updated information in a fast changing environment due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we have created this entry where we have collected the Fund's action plan as presented by CEO Liselott Forsman March 19, together with a list of all COVID-19 related stories posted by our news service, written and edited by Annika Pham.

Liselott Forsman statement:

As a pan-Nordic institution, Nordisk Film & TV Fond intends to help out the industry on two levels:


  • Supported Cultural Events that now are cancelled, will keep their support on the basis of final budget reports.
  • Films - Distribution Grants  
    Those films whose Nordic theatrical distribution the Fund has financed, will not lose their support, even if the distribution changes to online only. 
  • Production Grants - for films, series and documentaries
    Will not be reclaimed if there are changes in schedules, production circumstances or distribution as long as they all stay within our guidelines.

In all cases the Fund needs to be updated on eventual changes and on a daily basis, we will be as flexible as possible.

Please contact your Project Advisor if you have any questions, you'll find our contact information HERE.

The Fund also welcomes new distribution applications for more digital distribution as our supports covers all platforms. 


Being a top-up financier, our production shares cannot save a film or series in distress, let alone a company, but what we can and will do, is to help seek Nordic solutions on a general level.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond enjoys the know-how of 22 diverse partners and privileged contacts with both professionals and decision-makers in five countries.

To get a broader perspective on current and upcoming Nordic audio-visual challenges, in a situation where all industries suffer due to Covid-19, the Fund is now setting up a project to collect and analyse data. One aim is to share best solution models. Business is definitively not as usual, but parallel to predicting future scenarios, our daily work continues.

Today, when reading Nordic stories and financing plans, we simultaneously prepare for dialogues on updated production circumstances.

As of March 16 our office changed from a physical existence in Oslo to a virtual one. All our staff continue to be reachable through mail or phone. Let’s keep collaborating on all levels and stay safe!

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